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I have spent a lot of my adulthood using, maintaining and renovating our open bothies, of which bothies in Knoydart, on Skye, Rhum and the Arnish peninsula make occasional appearance in your pages. I have enjoyed browsing the on-line copies of West Word in continuation of an interest provoked by the Covid Lockdowns. Yes, my use came to a halt for a temporary but long period, some of which I spent investigating the use of open bothies by hill walkers, climbers, cyclists and the like before the Mountain Bothies Association (MBA) was formed in 1965. The past Newsletters and Journals of Climbing, Walking and Outdoor Clubs have been a rich source of accounts of such use. My interest has continued post-Covid, there are still grey days of winter providing the opportunity, and I have recently come across accounts of the use of Ardnamurach (on south Loch Nevis-side between Kylesmorar and Finiskaig) as an open bothy in the 1950s into the 1960s. The house was lost to fire in the early - mid 1960s. Ardnamurach appears on your pages a number of times in a family history context.
I now ask: Does any reader have any knowledge of the occupation of Ardnamurach from WW1 forward and when was it was abandoned? and then, Have you any knowledge, distant memories provided by now gone relatives, neighbours, etc. regarding the use of the house as an open bothy? And as an absolute bonus, does any reader have a photograph of Ardnamurach before it was lost to fire? - hidden away perhaps in a family album or in the collection of loose photographs not looked at for a long while since your relative passed away? Any information and help that can be provided will be appreciated.
Richard Genner (Scotland)
19 March 2024
To contact Richard about his request - please email the editor and she will pass on your contact details to him.

Great to read all the local Mallaig news. Brought up there before Australia age 15.
All the best George May (Patonga Beach Australia)
21 February 2024

Looking for information on the 4 to 6 Kennedy brothers who, according to family history, emigrated from Canna to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1791 on the Dunkeld.
Dale Roddick (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
30 January 2024

I contacted Bob Hansen in 2001 about a ship my grandfather served on as first officer. The Hovding a Norweigen ship that was involved in a BIG STORM and was damaged at sea and limped into Melbourne, Australia. I have an article and picture of the damaged ship in port that I sent to Bob. I have not hear from Bob in many years. I hope this will find him and he can get back to me with his whereabouts and news of what he has been doing these last 20 + years.
Susan Nielsen Doiron (Lafayette, Louisiana USA)
4 January 2024
Susan, thanks for posting your message on here. I've tried to respond, but I don't think we have the correct contact details for you. I have received a message from Robert Hansen which I would like to pass on to you! Please email West Word on editor@westword.org.uk and I'll put you in touch with Robert. Thank you! Kirsty (editor)

I believe my ancestors came from Arisaig. They settled in 1791 in Arisaig Nova Scotia
Margaret McPherson (Revere Massachusetts)
16 October 2023

When my father was alive he used to tell me that he went with his father to meet his grandfather coming off the Dunoon ferry after having drove cattle all the way from Arisaig. Apparently they were on their way to the Greenock Abatoire or Tryst. I am coming to Arisaig in May 2023 to take part in the Road to the Isles Half Marathon and would be interested to see if there is any local information available about Cattle Droving and in particular if indeed they did typically end up at Dunoon.
David Kelly Black (Wemyss Bay)
8 December 2022

I submitted a small article to you in November 2009 when I was working in Morar Hotel regarding strange lights over the silver sands . Did anyone else come forward after this to report anything? Many thanks
17 October 2022

Great reading, good insight into modern Scotland as well as the historic past
Bob MacDougall (Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia)
6 October 2022

Love reading West Word and catching up on the local news and events. Last visited the area on a lone exploration in 2009 when I spent a couple of nights in the railway coach at Glen Finnan also enjoying many other memorable experiences and meeting interesting and friendly locals. Also made it over to Rum. Your's is a lovely part of the world.
John McConnachie (Grahamstown, South Africa)
19 June 2022

I am a direct descendant of the MacDonalds of Rhetland - Ranald MacDonald of Rhetland 1750-1826 who immigrated to PEI in Canada with his wife Isabella in 1792.
Paula McPhee (Seattle, WA USA)
3 April 2022

Was delighted to come across a little genealogy of The Macdonells of Bracara.My father was Donald, son of Duncan and Sarah. It was great to see how all the family names were connected. My husband and I stayed in Morar Hotel on 22 May with my brother,Brian and his wife and visited Helen Macdonell in Mallaig. We also met Alastair MacLeod at mass in Morar church and had a great blether with him. Thank you for such an interesting article.
Ann O'Hare (Macdonell)
15 June 2021

I descend from Ronald MacDonald of Morar who emigrated to Prince Edward Island in 1772 on The Alexander - His wife was a MacKinnon and he had children - Mary (Beaton), Roderick, John, Laughlin and Isabella (Rhetland MacDonald) -- I am interested in connecting with anyone who knows more about this Family
Leo Cheverie (East Point, Prince Edward Island)
19 April 2021

It was nice to see my dad's name in the article on the R.O.C. My parents met through the ROC many years ago.
Anne Peart (Lincolnshire)
16 March 2021

I was just reading your guestbook and saw a post from a descendant of John Borrodale ( Angus Ronald MacDonald Nov 2020 and also a John MacDonald in July) who lives in Nova Scotia. Please send him my contact info as I have info on the 1772 Glenaladale settlers and descend from John Borrodale's sister Christy. Also have letters written i the late 1700"s thst pertaining to this family. Plans are underway for 10 day celebrations in 2022 to mark the arrival if these Glenaladale settlers in PEI. Thank you
Mary (MacDonald) Gallant (Prince Edward Island)
12 March 2021

My sister and I came to Mallaig in 2017 and really loved it, so much so we are thinking of moving there. I have enjoyed reading West Word today and look forward to seeing Mallaig again.
Janet Wade (Johnstown, NY)
17 November 2020

Looking to see if anyone as information on the Mac Donald 'Borrodales" John Borrodale came from a small village in Scotland named Borrodale on the ship Nora in 1801 and settled in Dunmore Antigonish Nova Scotia .Two on John sons Angus and Alexander settled in Pinevale, I am on the original property to this day.
Angus Ronald Mac Donald (Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada)
14 November 2020

Great read. Very interested in the genealogy section. Ancestors from Moidart area. Would love to know anything about them they left Scotland in 1772 for St Johns Island PEI
John MacDonald (PEI, Canada)
15 July 2020

Read with interest Pat Murray's item on the McLellan's of Brinicory. Allan McLellan is my gt-gt-gt-grandafather. My mother's maternal grandmother was Flora McLellan, the daughter of Ronald McLellan and granddaughter of Allan McLellan of Brinicory.
Michael L. MacDonald (Nova Scotia)
March 2020

I am always amazed at the number of people looking to find connections to long dead ancestors! I wonder to myself if there is a reason why people look back and not forward!My Mac Millan family came from Eigg....not by choice but they did thrive in Cape Breton!l am proud of the work ethic they passed on!l enjoy reading your Westword publication and am thankful for all contributions! Well done!
Gwendolyn Valeriote (Canada)
8 November 2019

I have been reading your paper for a few years now. I have been researching my family history for about 45 years and have finally found out where my family came from before leaving Scotland to Nova Scotia Canada in 1801. They came from a very desolate area on Loch Morar called OBAN, there are some ruins in the area still today, it would be around the corner up the river or stream from the OBAN Bothy. The persons of interest are Donald (weaver) MacMaster and his wife Catherine MacEachern. This discovery came about from a death certificate from 1873 of my relative Angus MacMaster son of Donald stating he was born in OBAN Inverness Shire in 1792. After sending this information to researchers in Edinburgh they finally cracked the case and pinpointed the location as OBAN MORAR. I would like to share this information with the hopes of communicating with anyone in the area that is related to or knows of someone that would be a MacMaster or MacEachern from this area or Inverness shire in general.
Best Regards
David MacMaster (Ontario Canada)
2 April 2019

Just to let everyone know, I keep plugging away to everyone in my part of the country to visit the Mallaig area, to enjoy the hospitality and wonderful scenery you have, I have persuaded 4 friends to give it a go and they should be in the area about April or May,
Charles Walker (Aberdeen)
11 February 2018

It's been years of searching and recently found, in Rev. Rankin's History of the County of Antigonish what I think might be my family: Donald McDougall from Arisaig, migrated to Nova Scotia in 1808 or 1810. His sons were Angus, Donald, and James. I descend from the Donald line. If anyone reading this knows something about this family, I would be so very grateful to hear it. Thank you for letting me post!
Bonnie MacDougall (Vero Beach, Florida USA)
7 February 2018

Hi, I came upon your site by accident researching the homeland of my GGGG grandfather "Ruaraidh Cleireach"... Roderick MacDougall who came to Cape Breton in 1791 from somewhere on the north shore of Loch shiel. He was called "Cleireach" because he was assistant or clerk to Father Austin or Huistain MacDonald of the Catholic mission in Moidart. Father Austin began his tenure in 1769 and had 3 camouflaged "houses of worship" erected in his district which covered the north shore of loch Shiel as far as Glenfinnan and north to Lochailort.This was a dangerous time for Catholic worship and travel and lodging had to be discreet for Fr. Austin and Roderick with some nights spent in caves. My MacDougall genealogy is complete from 1791 but I am very interested in knowing more about his life in Moidart along with his wife Jessie Smith and 3 children who came out to Nova Scotia.I am struck with the beauty of Moidart which is very reminiscent of cape Breton's mountains, glens, and lakes. One can understand Scotland's refugees being drawn to cape Breton , estimated to have been 50,000 by the middle of the 1800s.The highland Gaels still dominate the island in population and culture which has been kept alive to this day for over 200 years. You have a wonderful site with much information which I will continue to follow. Best regards,
Bob MacDougall (Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia)
29 January 2018

I became interested in the Isle of Eigg while recently watching a 60 Minutes program on American TV. I would like to visit this beautiful island sometime in 2018. There is much reading to do to brief me about the history & the inhabitants of Eigg. I look forward to a journey of learning about this magical place & about Scotland overall. Any information provided would be most welcome. Thank You All.
Pat Massad (Albuquerque, NM USA)
20 December 2017

Hoping that 2018 will bring you and all your readers kindness and joy. If I had a dream for 2018, it would be to be back in Arisaig...
Alison Brown (Beaumaris, Anglesey)
17 December 2017

Well, another year almost gone, we didnt make it over to the west coast this past year but will be over next year, we would like to wish seasons greetings and a Happy New Year to all who contribute to the magazine on a monthly basis, the stories and information printed make great reading, we also send greetings to all inhabitants who reside in the West Word area .. Get a few drams down you on Hogmanay,
Chuck/Mona Walker, Stoneywood, Aberdeen.
27 November 2017

Hi all, I am for ever trying to find out details of my great great grandparents Ewan & Ann Gillies nee McNeil. One daughter Sarah was born in Arisaig but I can't find my great grandmother Christina's birth anywhere. They settled in Partick in the 1800's. Just always hoping someone has some information.
Ann Verdolini (Australia)
6 September 2017

i am researching my family and believe that the passengers on the isle of skye from eilean shona and arisaig namely andrew macdonald and hugh macdonald(and his infant son angus) are my relatives.they arrived in prince edward island on sept22,1806.andrew (1752-1833)was married to isabella(1760-1840)from the island of canna and was the daughterof ronald of borrodale.andrew and isabella had 15 children.any help in my journey would be greatly appreciated.
Bill callahan grandson of angus pamphilus macdonald.
Massachusetts and south florida,usa
2 August 2017

I just wanted to say a big thank you for producing this very useful and interesting community paper, I have found it very useful in carrying out some research for a small project I have undertaken....
Best Regards
Martin Weston (The current custodian of Etive Shearwater - ML1085), Loch Ness.
2 May 2017

I would just like to thank the Editor, for all the snippets of news over the past 18 Years, as it keeps us on the EAST COAST up to date with the happenings and events on a monthly basis, It's now time for you to put your feet up, and have a well earned rest, thank you
Chuck & Mona Walker (Stoneywood, Aberdeen)
10 March 2017

I used to live at Lochailort so it's great to be able to hear news of all the places that I used to be so familiar with. Thank you West Word!
Rob Atkey (Netherlands)
9 March 2017

Nice paper like the articles.
David MacMaster (Ontario, Canada)
13 January 2017

I have enjoyed West Word for many years, at the begining of 2017 look forward to my 27 year of visiting this area. taking many walks and enjoying the coast line. Thank you West Word for keeping me connected.
Bev Easton (Northumberland)

We would just like to wish WEST WORD,A Happy Birthday, and also wish all the people involved with the postings and snippets of information, a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR , ALL THE BEST FOR 2017,
Chuck & Mona Walker (Stoneywood, Aberdeen)
6 December 2016

Hey readers, first of all the weather these past few weeks seems to have been better on the west coast, been a bit mixed here on the North Sea coast, hope it improves soon, We will try and get over to the Mallaig area soon as we normally do every year, We had a 5 day trip to ICELAND in March and it was a really fabulous island, well worth a visit, but to get back to The Lochaber area, it is always nice to visit and keep telling friends to get over and sample the hospitality there.
Chuck & Mona Walker (Stoneywood, Aberdeen)
15 June 2016

Always enjoy excellent West Word, Thank You so much. We are no strangers to Scotland but the one place I have never been to and would love to visit is Meoble. My 2yr old deerhound bitch is called Meobhail and I'd love to visit the area that supplied her unusual name. Thank you for keeping us going until we can make that dream a reality.
Lynn Irving (Cumbria)
11 June 2016

Looking forward to traveling to Knoydart & the small isles this summer. Reading the April issue of Westword was a lovely way to learn about some of the local happenings and the people that currently call this area home.
Pam Landry (Massachusetts, USA)
17 May 2016

I am writing because I believe that my great great Grandfather John Gillies lied in this area before emigrating to Canada (Green Valley area) from Ardnamurach No.Marar Invernesshire. I have a cousin who has worked on our familial history for many years now - and I recall my mother saying that she had traveled to the Orkney's in search of our origins also. I was pleased to discover your paper and found that I was pleased to see that the area encompasses a larger population than I had imaged. Thank you for letting me write.
Elise Malanik (Riding Mountain, Manitoba, Canada)
19 March 2016

I had a real good friend from Arisaig when I was in high school (St Columbus, Fort William) her name was Mary Toye. She was such a nice girl, myself and Val went to visit her once and we had the best mince and tatties with baked beans ever. I was just wondering how she was and what she was doing now. I believe she was a nurse. If anyone knows her please tell her I was asking after her. Thanks
Catherine Mason (Cameron), Maryland U.S.A.
12 January 2015

We would just like to wish all the people who contribute the snippets of information every month A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. IN 2016, and keep up the good work
Mona McCutcheon & Charles Smith Walker (Stonetwood, Aberdeen)
2 December 2015

Love to hear news from Eigg where our ancestor John (bodach) Mckay was a herdsman at Galmisde in 1841. Hope to visit one day.
Don and Maureen Mckay (Canmore, Alberta, Canada)
27 November 2015

Researching my family who came to Nova Scotia on the Dunkeld in 1791. I believe they were originally from Arisaig. If you happen to come across a John McPherson and Flora Grant McPherson or a Dougald McPherson I would greatly appreciate a note. Thank you for all your hard work.
Margaret McPherson (Boston MA)
19 September 2015

I would just like to congratulate WEST WORD, on your latest birthday,the information you print every month, is invaluable to many people, Globally, as for myself it is great to read all the monthly snippets of news and stories from a wonderful part of SCOTLAND, Keep it up WESTWORD You are doing a grand job.
Charles Smith Walker (Stonetwood, Aberdeen)
13 September 2015

I am looking for information on my MacDonald ancestors. John Allan MacDonald from Arisaig married Mary MacKinnon from Back of Keppoch, Isle of Skye in 1838. Their sons John and Colin were baptized in St. Mary's Catholic Church in Arisaig. They emigrated to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1843. John and Mary were possibly married in Glenelg due to a difference in religions. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Ann MacDonald (Nova Scotia, Canada)
6 September 2015

I happened upon your newsletter researching the Gilises of Gillis Lake. My family had a summer bungalow there when we were young. I always wondered where they were from originally. The year 1968, before we bought the bungalow, we stayed in the old Homestead at Gillises Lake which had been owned, I believe by a MacDonald lady. Sadly it was condemend and torn down around 1970. I recall a Maty Gillis, from east bay who ran the canteen across the Lake over the nountain pass. My father worked with a Johnny Steele who was married to a Catherine 'Kitty' Steele' from East Bat with a son name Sandy. Thanks for the info. Incidebtally. My MacDonalds on Mom's side are from Moidart to Vreignish Cape breton and my McPhee's are from Barra (Mingulay)to Christmas Island Cape Breton. Thanks again. Any help on this side of the pond you need, please feel free to ask.
Dolores McPhee-Fineberg (Nova Scotia)
10 August 2015

Considering a family reunion tour of Eigg next Summer (2016), my ancestor is McKINNON, Donald (1842-1934). Farmer and mayor, Coraki, NSW.
b. Isle of Eigg, Scot., 18 Jan. 1842 son of Donald Forbes M.; d. Coraki, NSW, June 1934; unm.
Arr. Syd. with family in Fitzjames 1 Jan. 1860:
leased Bolong on Shoalhaven R.: selected land E.
Coraki 1866: ran sugar mill 1869-91: mayor 4 terms.
Richmond R. Herald (Coraki, NSW) 24 Mar. 1933; BR file.
The above information was copied from a thorough document produced by the Australian National University on arrivals into Australia. Any contacts of descendants of Donald Forbes McKinnon still living on Eigg would be much appreciated.
Amanda Forbes McKinnon (Adelaide, South Australia)
31 July 2015

I am enjoying my friend Marlene Cheng's articles on genealogy. Her latest submissions are on the settlers in the East Bay area of Cape Breton Island.
The people she mentioned came from PEI somewhat later than those who settled at Judique on the west coast of Cape Breton Island, directly across from PEI. The first of these was Michael "Mor" MacDonald who came to Judique in 1775, three years after the arrival of John MacDonald of Glenaladale settlers in PEI in 1772. In 1789 there was a petition for government land at/or near Judique by 27 Highland/Hebridean settlers. Some were already "squatters" on the lands they were requesting. Several of these were my own ancestors.
Slainte! Alachan
Allan James Gillis (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
19 May 2015

My name is James Clark. I am trying again in hope that anyone can help I'm looking for anyone who remembers the Clark brothers from the mid 1950s. My two brothers and I were Boarded out with Mr and Mrs Gillies at Kinloid Farm, Arisaig. Our names are Tommy, George & James Clark, we went to the catholic school at the end of Arisaig Village called St Marys. I, James Clark, had my confirmation at the little church just down from the school. This was early to mid fifty's. I James was about 6 years old when we arrived in Arisaig. Tommy was the oldest and George the youngest. The question I'm asking: Has anyone still got photos from that time, any that we the Clarks are in, school photos or other photos that we may be in.) If (a big if) any one has or could you please copy them, PLEASE send them to West Word, Morar Station Building, Morar PH40 4PB. They have my postal address and email. I hope you can help, please have a go, I would be very Grateful. Yours faithfully
James Clark (Stockport, Cheshire)
16 May 2015

Well hullo west word readers, spent my 71st Birthday in Mallaig, stayed at the Moorings guest house for 3 nights, first class. Saturday we motored to Kilchoan had lunch at Kilchoan hotel could not fault the Cuisine, on Sunday we sat up at Loch Morar and perused the Sunday papers, before dinner at Mallaig tea garden, the fish was delectable, had an easy drive back home on Monday with fond memories of our annual visit to the Mallaig area, can't wait for the next one.
Chuck & Mona Walker (Stoneywood, Aberdeen)
12 May 2015

What a lovely article on Larachmhor Gardens! I visited Arisaig several times as a child (I was born in 1948) I think the people we stayed with were a Mr and Mrs McEachan. My father was a great lover of gardens and gardening, and of course we spent much time at Larachmhor. I remember thinking that John Brennan's log cabin was the most desirable residence on the planet! My father bought many young plants from John Brennan. We always hoped that the Chilean Holly, Desfontanea Spinosa, would "take" in our garden in Paisley but John Brennan said the climate wouldn't be mild enough and he was right. Most of the plants from Larachmor did well, and I was saddened many years later when a new occupant threw them out and replaced them with concrete and grass. I've had the opportunity since for a couple of very brief visits, which proved that going back to a much loved childhood place is not always a mistake - it is just as much of a wonderland as I remember, full of winding li ttle paths, huge trees, secret corners where strange exotic-looking flowers lurked, and always something new to be discovered. I only recently realised that my own rather overgrown suburban garden, the despair of conventional neighbours, is a subconscious attempt to recreate Larachmhor!
Marion Boyle (Paisley)
11 May 2015

Look forward to our visit to Fort William and Mallaig in June
Jane Nolan (Fleetwood)
1 May 2015

Always interesting to keep up with the news from my birthplace. Many a happy memory.
Calum M MacLeod (The Alps)
20 April 2015

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our anniversary visit to Scotland and especially the northwest Highlands. I just read your March issue and it made me feel a little bit like I was back in the communities we visited. Keep up the good work!
Bob & Judi Hazelton (Redlands, California, USA)
30 March 2015

Well just like I said earlier in the year,we will be over in Mallaig on April 3rd. For 3 nights so we hope the weather improves before then, we are staying in our usual digs but have just learned that Jenny has switched premises with Heather from the Ashdale b/b so we are looking forward to meeting our new Landlady at the Moorings, looking forward to a sail on the Loch Nevis round the Small Isles on Saturday, and Quiet day on the Sunday before our drive back home on Monday, we like the area so much we never tire of the journey over to the west coast.
Chuck & Mona Walker (Stoneywood, Aberdeen)
29 March 2015

Drove with R.Croan Granton E.Burgh for most the seventies knew the Mallaig track like the back of my hand and although it had its moments it was mostly enjoyable and testing summer and winter all 34 mls single track spent many a night in the Central and Clachan except Sunday.
Dan (Bangor Co Down)
3 January 2015

Well, another year gone,myself and Mona would like to wish all WEST WORD readers & Contributers a happy and prosperous new year, and keep up the good work you all do in that lovely part of the world,thank you,
Chuck Walker & Mona Mccutcheon (Stoneywood, Aberdeen)
1 January 2015

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your local paper.
Lisa Oker (Houston, Texas)
29 December 2014

Happy Christmas and New Year to all readers of West Word. We hope to be back as usual at our second home Portnadoran next summer
Rita and Derek Davies (Keswick, Lake District)
19 December 2014

We would like to wish all west word contributors & readers a Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year, and hope to see some of you sometime in 2015.
Chuck Walker & Mona Mccutcheon (Bucksburn, Aberdeen)
2 December 2014

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of West Word. I still look in fairly regularily. Hope to get back to Arisaig some day.
Liz Doyle (Tennessee)
19 November 2014

Been to Arisaig a number of times and love the area. My mother being a MacEachen from South Uist I have enjoyed reading West Word and discovering how common the name is in the Arisaig area. Had hoped to visit on the first few days of July but unfortunately received a phone call on the day of departure from Edinburgh from Arisaig House cancelling the room as they had no water. Went elsewhere but hope to return again when i have the time off. Keep up the good work with West Word.
Oliver Herbert (Edinburgh)
4 August 2014

My Gillies and McLellans are from Ardnamurach- a now abandoned hamlet on the south shore of Loch Nevis. My McDonalds are from Knoydart and my McMillans are from Loch Arkaig Lochaber. Interested in corresponding with folks who may have similar connections to these surnames specific to these place names.
James Allan McDonald (Connecticut, USA)
24 July 2014

Had a busy few months bowling, so haven't been on our annual jaunt to our favourite part of the country yet, hers hopping we make it soon, it's good to see the area has been busy with plenty tourists bringing in much needed income to the community, we keep telling friends etc. to try and get over to the region and enjoy the hospitality in the area, hope to see you all very soon.
7 July 2014

We would be really grateful if you can print this so that we can extend our thanks through your paper to a true 'knight of the road'.
We were on holiday in Arisaig in early May and needed to collect our car from Morar Motors so set out to hitch a lift. Very quickly a car stopped - it was Donny from Mallaig who was happy to give us a lift up the road. We got chatting and he offered to take us on a tour of Loch Morar as we had never seen it.
We had a very happy time and learnt a lot about the local area and its history from Donny - we have no way of thanking him for picking us up, and acting as a tour guide, so hope you can publish this in the West Word so he will see our thanks.
Leri and Helen (North Yorkshire / Windermere)
25 May 2014

The west is best. I worked on canna in 1999/2000 giving power to the people of canna and sandy.
Davie Forbes (Livingston, West Lothian)
14 May 2014

So excited to find this journal! Tapadh leibh! {:-) NC
Nina Chambers (Seattle, WA)
27 April 2014

Just a few lines to say it won't be long before we are back up to your wonderful scenic countryside which we love so much, we have an annual weekend trip over to the west coast because we think it is the best place on earth for hospitality and scenic views, a sail round to the Old Forge is a must then a saturday trip on the Loch Nevis round the Small Isles is a lovely way to spend the day, hope to see you all soon.
Chuck/Mona Walker (Bucksburn Aberdeen)
14 April 2014

My name is James Clark. I'm looking for anyone who remembers the Clark brothers from the mid 1950s. My two brothers and I were BOARDED OUT to Mr and Mrs Gillies at Kinloid Farm, Arisaig. Our names were Tommy, George & James Clark, we went to the catholic school at the end of Arisaig Village called St Marys. I, James Clark, had my confirmation at the little church just down from the school. This was early to mid fifty's. I was about 6 years old when we arrived in Arisaig. Tommy was the oldest and George the youngest. The question I'm asking:
Has anyone still got photos from that time, any that we the Clarks are in, school photos or other photos that we may be in.) If (a big if) any one has could you please copy them, and PLEASE send them to West Word, Morar Station Building, Morar PH40 4PB.
They have my postal address and email.
I hope you can help, please have a go, I would be very grateful.
Yours faithfully
James Clark (Stockport, Cheshire)
10 April 2014

Interesting to read how colourful island life is! Lovely items. Was reading about the Bullough family and their association with Rhum andd Kinloch castle. We have a painting of Tom Bullough we acquired when living in Paisley 1990 to 2005. The family appears to have been generous as well as wealthy. Hope the castle is visited. We must come some day.
Sue Palmer (Church Gresley, Derbyshire)
10 April 2014

Wonderful site, wondering if anyone knows who my ancestors would have been. The first to arrive here in Broadcove Nova Scotia was Lauchlin MacLellan(1802) married to Catherine MacEachern in 1835. It has been passed down he was from the Isle of Eigg. Moved from Broadcove and settled in Eigg Mountain, Antigonish Co, Nova Scotia.
Donna MacLellan Sears (Antigonish, Nova Scotia)
19 January 2014

I enjoy reading the Westword,especially after visting Arisaig In Oct,2012. What brought me to Arisaig, was I finally found out where my McEachern family came from. It certainly waranted a trip to Arisaig.
Robert Dillon (Minnesota,USA)
16 December 2013

Interesting, love the idea of you doing this study of our history. I'm 64 and a long distance runner. I would love to do a run in Scotland next summer. I'm soo Scotish as this area is.
Gabriel Mac Isaac (Cape Breton N.S, Canada)
26 November 2013

well,we were over in the west coast again,we had a glorious 3days in the Oban and Mallaig area,weather was just wonderful with plenty sunshine to supplement the wonderful scenery and wildlife we saw during our stay,we never tire of the journey over here from Aberdeen,hope to be back soon.
1 October 2013

We are coming to visit our son Gabe McVarish and Tasha in March 2014 for their wedding on Eigg. We would like to keep up on local news and happenings.
Paul & Karen Cummings-Pickering-Zellmer-McVarish (Dixon, California, USA)
21 September 2013

Back in 2007, we spent a week on holiday in Morar. During my planning and information gathering, I ran across the West Word's website and had signed the online guestbook prior to our trip. I was very pleasantly surprised to get a copy of the paper with my note "published, hot off the press" directly from the editor at WW's office in Morar. We have kept up with the local news through the West Word ever since; it is a wonderful community paper.
Karen and I continue to visit Scotland whenever we can, typically staying at self-catering cottages or apartments and the occasional B&B. Ullapool was in 2008, Dornie and Outer Hebrides in 2011, and this year in May a return week to Ullapool and then a week in Portree.
We have never rented a car and enjoy using your public transport so this year's return trip from Skye to Glasgow was easy to plan: ferry from Armadale to Mallaig and train to Glasgow. It was great to be back in West Word country, albeit for entirely too short a visit, and catching a glimpse of "our" cottage in Morar brought back such good memories of our 2007 trip.
David Macdonald (Madison WI, USA)
12 August 2013

Always enjoy reading westword, its a good way to remember some fab visits to the area and look forward to many more!
Tracy Sheppard (Bishop's Stortford)
31 July 2013

A very interesting read. Particularly as I travelled on the old Loch Seaforth. I've also had many happy times in Knoydart with friends. Two are presently sailing around the Small Isles. Hope to return one day.
All the best
Ray Roberts (York)
14 July 2013

hello,west word readers,we hope to make our annual week-end trip up to the mallaig area soon,we never tire of the splendid run from the east -coast over to the west-coast,our week-end usually consists of a boat trip on the friday over to inverie on the" western isles",always a very worthwhile journey, then on the saturday an afternoon cruise on the "loch nevis" round all the "small isles" giving us a good chance to see varied wildlife, then a pint and a few drams before bed time.,wejust love the area and the friendly folk who live there. MONA /CHUCK WALKER
Bucksburn, Aberdeen
31 May 2013

I was thrilled to see mention in the November 2006 edition re a doc titled Taigh and Laoin family. It mentioned Ann McIntyre, dau of John and Ann (McLeod) of Keppoch. John and Ann are also the parents of my Gr.Grandfather, Peter. He married Mary Ann Brown Aug 1,1884 at Oban. This is where l found his parents names. One of their children is born at Back of Keppoch,Arisaig. His name was William John, born June 3,1889. By the 1911 census Peter and Mary Ann are living in Dumbryden, Edinburgh,where my Grandmother, Christina Gillis McIntyre was born in 1909. I have the family tree of this line of mine if anyone is interested. I am also interested in finding out more re the family of Peters' sister, Ann. I hope to hear from anyone interested
Pauline Pendlebury (Australia)
12 May 2013

Hi will be riding the Jacobite train on Monday 27th May.(birthday treat) and will be visiting Muck 2th/26th ad Fort William 27th/28th.Have visited Scotland 36 times since 1990 and have a favour to ask. Can you get rid of the Midges please just for these few days. thank you in anticipation yours
Sandra and Lew Barlow (Wolverhampton, UK)
3 May 2013

Originally from Edinburgh, I live in Belgium at the moment. However, I return to Scotland a couple of time a year and pass by the "Road to the Isles" as often as possible ! #stayed in Morar last year end of April/beginning of May, visiting Eigg, Muck, Rum & Knoydart...beautiful sunny weather!
We always "went up north" on holiday when I was a child, generally somewhere different every year...however, we must have fallen for Morar and the surrounding region as we went there 3 years running in the mid 60's!
We stayed in a caravan twice I only remember the owner of the caravan being called "Foxy"...any idea who this was ?!
We also stayed in the Pullman Wagon in Morar Station.....and my memories of that are the Staion Master's wee dog "Jock" running up the platform after the in-coming trains ! My Dad always took loads of photos and Super 8 films.....ofcourse, they are somewhere in my family in Edinburgh ! Would like to have the time to go throw them all one day to got some put on CD...and offer these family memories on film/photo of Morar, Mallaig and eleswhere to the Mallaig Heritage Centre.....
Anybody rememeber "Foxy" and/or little "Jock" in Morar Station ?
Joyce Mackenzie (Belgium)
10 April 2013

I'm just replying to article written by Alexander Stronach of Canada. I'm trying to locate some of my Stronach ancestor's. Not sure whether we could be related as I beleive there are alot of Stronach around!
Trish Stronach-Sewell (Perth, Western Australia)
12 March 2013

Love your website and publication. I found your website while attempting to identify the lineage of my GGG Grandfather, Donald MacDonald of Arisaig b.c.1770. He married Mary "Kinlochmoidart" Gillis, d. of Donald "Kinlochmoidart" Gillis b c.1750 of Morar and Catherine MacGillivray b.c. 1750 of Arisaig. Donald MacD and Mary had a son Duncan Donn, b. 1803 in Arisaig. The family immigrated between 1803-1820 to Antigonish, I believe following Catherin's 4 brothers to Pictou, Dumaglas Bailey's Brook and St Andrews,Antigonish. Donald died young and Mary married the widower Allan Dougald Cameron of Strone Lea and later Antigonish. If you can recommend a data source to trace Donald MacDonald, I would be eternally grateful. My Best to you all,
Gary MacDonald (Boston USA)
23 February 2013

COLLEEN MCGILLVRAY ROONEY (eau claire wisconsin)
20 February 2013

What a great read. I discovered this after a heated discusiion with Ma the other night about the year of Cousin Ann Nimmo Smiths death. Pleased to say I was right! Great to hear news of Muck & Canna. Must go for a visit soon. It shan't be quite the same without Ann there with her drammies.
Ali Wilkerson (Alness)
13 February 2013

I have traveled in your area for quite a long time... although only online and in my imagination.
I have just been on a trip down "the road to the isles" and somehow happened to find this newspaper, which is very interesting for someone whose heart lives in the Scottish West Highlands, even if the rest of me has to live my daily life in Denmark.
I always seek new ways of learning about the country that I love so much, so to have found you and your Facebook profile is just great. Your corner of the world is a place I am going to visit in a not too distant future, and I know I am going to feel just as much at home there, as I already do in many other parts of this most beautiful of all countries.
Karen Elise (Denmark)
10 December 2012

An article in the Aug 2011 issue mentioned an Allan MacLellan who came to Canada. The article also mentions a Malcolm MacLellan who took in one or more of the children of Alexander. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if Malcolm was Alexander's father. I have a 2nd great grandfather named Allan and a 3rd great grandfather named Malcolm. Malcolm remained in Scotland. They were from the Morar area. Any help would be most appreciated.
Alex Gillis (Pictou, NS., Canada)
11 November 2012

I was looking for my cousin, Colin Maclean, {Stirling}. Stumbled upon your Wonderful News. Ah Home. I grew up in Ardrossan, Ayrshire. I sure do miss the "old sod". Thankyou.
Robert Beith Stark (Victoria, B.C., Canada)
1 November 2012

I am researching Alexander Og MacDonald of Knoydart whose son Rory emigrated to Bailey's Brook, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada around 1790. Sometimes the Gaelic spelling of names is used. I have enjoyed "discovering" your part of Scotland through my genealogical searches.
Adolph Wismar, Jr. (Quincy, Massachusetts, USA)
21 July 2012

well,we made our yearly trip to the mallaig area last month,for 3 nights weather was variable but bearable, on the friday we sailed round to inverie, had a walkabout,then lunch at the old forge [a gorgeous venison burger], on the saturday,we did the non landing cruise round the the small isles, but the weather was bad with poor visibility, but restful, so we can only hope that next year the weather improves,so here's hoping.
Chuck / Mona Walker (Bucksburn, Aberdeen)
14 July 2012

Please pass my best regards to Allan whose researches and letters to me some ten to twenty years ago I have treated as special and for which I remain grateful. He sent information on my grandmother MacEachen's ancestors. I did not expect to find information about Hugh MacLean and Catherine MacVarish here, who are ancestors on my grandfather's side. Thank you.
John R. Dungan, DDS, MD (Hastings, Nebraska)
5 July 2012

well,the time has come round again for our annual weekend to the MALLAIG area,we will be in the area on 28th JUNE for 3 days,usual friday trip to the OLD FORGE ,saturday cruise on the LOCH NEVIS round the SMALL ISLES ,and a few drams in between,we love the area and the locals, i recommend the area for everyone to visit.---CHUCK/MONA WALKER.
Bucksburn, Aberdeen
14 June 2012

Great newspaper nice to see the community still thriving. Doing a bit of a family tree for the kids. Got back to early 1800 but struggling before then. Some of the relatives still there. Mary and Ginny et al. Any thoughts or if the catholic parish records go back any further please let me know. Keep up the good work
All the very best
Ronald Neil Macdonald (New Zealand - via Milngavie)
11 June 2012

Here in Greece, where I live now, it's great to read back issues and catch up with names like Eliot Ironside,[railway] Fraser Grigor,[son of the butcher],[wee] Archie Maclellan [grocer] and ... my dear brother, Angus [I take it you are the mystery Ranger who keeps forgetting things?!]
I went to school in Mallaig until I was seven, then spent holiday time there until I was an adult. Maybe some other 63 year olds remember me as 'wee Mac [marine engineer]'s daughter, 'wee' Heather!
Heather Durham (Greece)
28 April 2012

well spring time is here again and we are planning another week-end up in the wonderful mallaig area,we never tire of the cross-country drive from aberdeen across to HEAVEN as we call mallaig and surrounding area,. the west word news is a great way of keeping everybody in touch with what's happening in the area and SMALL ISLES ,keep up the good work.
CHUCK WALKER / MON A McCUTCHEON (Bucksburn, Aberdeen)
22 April 2012

Greetings. I just learned of the sad and untimely death on 16.04.2012 of your local Knoydart sculptor Mark Rogers. I was in touch with Mark since his father, my friend and himself an artist, passed away a few years ago. I offer my condolences to his family and friends and hope that the fishermen memorial he was working on will one day be completed.
Nic Sommer (Geneva, Switzerland)
18 April 2012

For many years I have been seeking information about my husband's gt,gt grandparents. Simon McDonald and Ann McDonald but had very little information. Yesterday I discovered a record which confirms that Simon was a lawyer. The 1851 census in Gorbals records Ann, a widow, born abt 1851 in Arisaig with her son John born 1827, also Arisaig. Simon could have been much older than his wife. The family were Roman Catholic. Can anyone help me with more information about this family? Were they buried in Arisaig? Did Simon practice law in the area?
Linda Kaden (Lanarkshire)
6 April 2012

I was researching my "Macdonald" heritage ( I also have MacPherson, MacRae, MacIsaac aswell)I am visiting Scotland to go to a wedding this summer. I was surprised that I found a reference to my Great Grandfather in one of your newspapers, where you quoted a poem he had written. He was Alexander "the Big Painter" Macdonald, from the Keppoch Macdonald's whose family came from Lochaber, Scotland.
Barbara Macdonald (Dhahran, KSA but orginally from Antigonish NS)
3 April 2012

Hoping to visit the Small Isles this year, having only visited Rum, very briefly, some 11 years ago. At that time I had intended visiting all four Islands but was informed(by the Calmac Man) that "at this time of the year" (late September)"we might not be able to get you back to the mainland if the weather changes". I would have had no problem with that other than the fact that I had a car on hire which had to be back within a fortnight. This time I'll take the train to Mallaig and if I should get marooned - I won't care! So looking forward to visiting and will enjoy reading West Word online before and after my visit
Cheryl Easton (Dumfriesshire)
1 April 2012

I signed your guestbook a few years ago but I will do so again. In 1826 my ancestors were cleared from Rum. Mine came from Guirdill and Kilmory and settled on Cape Breton Island which we still consider the most western of the Hebrides. Someday I hope to pay a return visit (Tha mi an dochas co dhuibh) I enjoy reading about an sean duthaich in your on-line paper. Cum suas e!
Alexander (Sandy) McLean (Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia)
12 March 2012

In searching for my Scottish ancestors, I find I am successful by stumbling about and often crashing into items of value. What a wonderful Community Paper you have that serves the Highlands and Small Isles. I was looking for my MacIsaac relatives when I came upon this fine publication.
I was immediately struck by the direct connection of the articles to the precise locations my genealogy turned up as ancestral homes. (Understand clearly, however, that, living in the "Colonies," my "ancestors" go back only to the mid 1700s.
What caught my eye were: Knoydart, Canna, Muck, Rhum, and Eigg, Morar, Arisaig, and Elgin Cathedral! Each one of these places is directly linked to one of my ancestors who emigrated from Scotland in the late 1780s through the 1820s to Inverness County, Nova Scotia and thence to Boston, Massachusetts.
Of technical issues - I have not been able to generate family linkages actually in Scotland. Rather - my searches only note the area of departure for the original pioneer immigrants to Nova Scotia.
Regardless - I have captured the article "A Little Genealogy - The MacEachrans of Kinsadle, Morar" because my paternal grandmother is a "MacEachen" - with parents MacEachern" and I have encountered exactly the same census and record issue as has Allan.
It seems the Nova Scotia record keepers and census enumerators must have been the rare persons who could read and write and who simply spelled the names phonetically as they heard them pronounced. So too - they were transcribing from Gaelic pronunciations into English spellings from about 1851.
Concluding - should I find a MacEachen/MacEachern/MacEachren link to Allan's discoveries - I will quickly connect with his e-mail and we may get back to cave-man times!
Again - a wonderful community paper. I will try to stay connected.
John Gillis (of the MacDonalds of Clanranald)
Kennesaw, Georgia, USA
20 February 2012

I have fond memories of travelling from near Fort William on warm summer nights in the 70s, 80s and 90s to play football against the Mallaig Stars. The Stars were always fiercely competitive and great guys off the park.
It was a smashing little park and games usually resulted in lots of goals. After the games we either went down to the Mission for a shower or just dived into the River Morar on the way home after a couple of pints before heading into Alex Duncan's in Lochailort. Sometimes we even squeezed a visit to a hostelry in Glenfinnan on the way home.
Great times and great people. I would love to hear from any ex-rivals who knew me. I also have fond memories of family picnics in Morar in the 60's where the beautiful beaches were deserted.
Best Regards
Derek Donnelly (Linlithgow)
15 February 2012

Researching 6 Kennedy brothers from Canna Scotland who moved to Nova Scotia in 1791. Great site
Stan Fraser (British Columbia, Canada)
14 February 2012

My husband and I have stayed at Fort William and surrounding area nearly every year since 1994 so we feel we know the area quite well. Quite by accident I discovered the December edition of West Word. What a brilliant publication - so interesting. Just reading the January edition - look forward to further editions and our visit to the Highlands later in the year.
Angela Harris (Cumbria)
14 February 2012

I am originally from Edinburgh but have spent many years in Norway, and now divide my time between there and Italy, with visits to Scotland. When my parents were alive we often visited your beautiful part of Scotland. It is some time since I had the pleasure, but have on occasion had friends with me and, like me, they are always impressed by the beauty and friendly reception they get. It was therefor a happy coincidence when I stumbled over "West Word" while surfing the web. Of particular interest was the report on the weekend dedicated to photography of steam trains by enthusiasts. Something for me to think about since that takes in two of my main interests! Thank you for an entertaining and informative publication. I now know where to find you.
Norman Henderson
18 January 2012

A happy new year to all readers of west word comments,it wont be long till the first days of spring are here and we will be up in the mallaig area again,sailing round to knoydart, cruising the small isles, and having a good time in the area enjoying the wild life etc.,absolutely love coming up here and we love our trip into knoydart on the "western isles ",
Chuck & Mona Walker (Bucksburn, Aberdeen)
12 January 2012

Greatly enjoyed reading November 2011 edition of West Word
LES BATES (Torridon)
30 November 2011

going through ancestry i discovered i have the macdonald line going back to the isle of eigg..the very first name i have is calum macdonald born isle of eigg..then his son uilleam then raonuill mhic uilleam macdonald.so i thought that was kind of interesing to see those names on your newsletter..i thought your whole newsletter was very good to read..thank you
Karen Maple (Fairfax, Iowa, USA)
11 November 2011

Been coming up and staying in Mallaig for many years (since the 1980s) but had not been for two and three years. Managed a few days in Banavie in September and had my first trip on the Jacobite Steam train. Enjoyed our brief stay in Mallaig and it has made me want to come back and visit again soon! Looking forward to it already!
Chas Gilbert (Belper, Derbyshire)
31 October 2011

Enjoy West Word. Our people, many years ago came from Eigg.
Shannon Macdonald (Summerstown Ontario Glengarry county)
18 October 2011

didnt make it up mallaig again but you never know,we might just manage a visit before the end of our so called summer, we hope the marina will be up and running soon as it should bring some much needed business to the area.
Chuck Walker (Aberdeen)
8 September 2011

My wife and I spent nearly three weeks this summer visiting Knoydart, Rum, Canna and Eigg for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We will be back. The hospitality and food will be remembered for along time alongside the splendid scenery and the wildlife. We discovered West Word late last year and read it every month before our visit - so we felt we already knew the area as well as some of the folk.
Andrew Giles (Broadstairs, Kent, England)
7 September 2011

I first visited Arisaig and camped with my parents in 1955, later with a group of scouts - such great memories of fishing for mackerel in Mallaig Harbour, then cooking over an open fire, and more recently with my own children. I have magical memories of the silver sands and the spectacular scenery, which has no equal in any of the many countries I have visited.
Chris Hall (Hackney, London)
28 August 2011

My ancestors lived in Canna!....details not to hand on names and dates, but amazing to see where my ancestors' footprints have trodden! Have been looking at the Canna website after coming across Canna on the National Trust website - am now considering paying the island a visit in the near future - nice to see the primary school and reports of what they are doing there. A definite must-do on my bucket list!
Jean Hillcoat (Renfrewshire, Scotland)
19 August 2011

i recently spent a lovley holidy in arisaig we got one wet day in a fortnight helo to all my friends
John Jackson (Wakefield, West Yorkshire)
18 August 2011

I grew up on Rhum attending Rhum (now Rum)primary school,then Eigg primary school,been around the world and now residing in Uig, Isle of Skye. My father was the farm manager from 1964 and we lived at Roslea cottage on Rhum then Kildonan on Eigg. Now we have the internet, how times have changed. Starting a new venture here with a 50/50 highland deal selling Amazon products and paying you half of our commission which at present is 5% so it doesen't take a brain surgeon to work out that we end up cheaper than Amazon. Island customers required!!!
Ian Henderson
4 August 2011 (Uig, Isle of Skye)

Have spent many years holidaying in these parts. It has to be one of, if not THE most scenic places in the world. I hope to be back soon to do a tour of Skye, the Outer Hebrides and then back onto the mainland for a stay at Sunnysidecroft with my campervan. Until then I will remain an avid reader of the West Word, its the only thing that keeps me going until I get back to the area.
Gary (UK)
25 July 2011

We visit the west coast especially [mallaig] on a regular basis through out the year ,we go over to knoydart one day [a wonderful part of the country]and the next day we go on the LOCH NEVIS day trip round the SMALL ISLES ,a trip we would recommend to everyone holidaying in the area to take,the landladies in the village ,i.e. MALLAIG,are second to none, we will never tire of our regular jaunts up the fantastic new road to the isles stopping off at arisaig and morar to gaze across to the outline of the SGURR OF EIGG and RUM CUILLINS,we hope to be in the area within the next few weeks, so keep up the good work you do online.
Chuck Walker / Mona Mccutcheon (Bucksburn, Aberdeen)
24 July 2011

Love the West Word and this area. Have just spent a wonderful holiday at the newly opened Sunnyside Croft Campsite at Arisaig. A fantastic addition to the area which tourists like me will dream about returning to on a regular basis (weather permitting of course !) as it will be open all year round.
S.Scott (Scotland)
17 July 2011

I enjoyed reading West Word, as I will be coming to Eigg in August with the Duns Walkers, for a long weekend - my first visit. Our group recently enjoyed a weekend at the Corran Bunkhouse, with some lovely walks nearby and near Strontian - beautiful scenery, and mostly dry weather.
Rhona Burchick (Duns, Berwickshire)
23 June 2011

with our love of mallaig and surrounding district [including the small isles] it is nice for us to keep up to date with current events, so keep up the good work.
Charles Walker (Aberdeen)
20 June 2011

Just found your Road to the Isles website & read the West Word, which was most interesting. I had many relatives in the Western Isles who moved to Cape Breton. One relative, Fr. Anthony MacDonald was a priest on the Isle of Canna, but is buried on the Isle of Eigg. Would love to get more information on this gentleman if anyone out there has any information, I would appreciate it. I plan to visit the Western Isles in the near future.
Francie (MacDonald) Gillis (Cape Breton)
15 June 2011

I just read the genealogy segment of the June 2007 issue. I am a descendant of Hector & Christian MacAskill. My father is Eugene Patterson McAskill, born in Moore Co., NC in 1902. His father, John Milton McAskill, his grandfather, Murdoch Christian McAskill, son of Hector and Christian. I have been searching for information on Hector's family prior to coming to NC. Thank you for sharing this information. I hope to one day set foot on Eigg & Skye Islands.
Joy McAskill Dresser (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
27 April 2011

Loved reading the West Word! So far we still have snow around but Spring is on its way!! Still lots of ice in the River which flows through town and Lake Temiskaming has not yet broken up. Lots of birds are back in the area but no geese going further north yet. I look forward to reading your next issue online.
Sarah McCaig (New Liskeard/Temiskaming Shores, Northern Ontario, Canada)
18 April 2011

I have read your paper numerous times, I actually came across it while I was in the hospital after having heart surgery. It kept me fascinated and periodically I come back just to see what has been going on. I would like to thank you all for keeping me company while I have been healing through my illness. Sincerely,
Teresa Green (Racine, West Virginia, USA)
4 April 2011

A Kiwi's tenuous link to Eigg. - - - Greetings from distant New Zealand. -- Genealogy is a great sport. Recently I stumbled across one of my Great Great Grandmother's death record here in NZ. This woman's first married name was Mary/Maria McLean (nee McLean) Married to a Donald McLean. This couple arrived into Wellington NZ during the early 1850s and Donald continued his trade as a Shipwright. This record of death states that Mary/Maria was born on the Isle of Eigg during 1829 to Allan McLean, preacher of the gospel and Isabella McLean (nee McLean also). Mary appears on some NZ records as Maria. Two children were born in Wellington, a daughter in 1855 but first name not known to me and next a son in 1857 named John. It was this son who provided the personal details of his mother's name and birth place etc upon the death record in 1905. Mary's husband Donald died sometime between 1858 and 1865 when she married another widower John Dixon Jacks.Donald McLean's record of death has not been found. Does this tiny record of names and dates fit in to any Scottish geneoligists records of the small Isles ???? I would love to find a proven link. Love your paper and the book EIGG The Story Of An Island by Camille Dressler.
Kind wishes from Kiwi Viking Robert Hansen
28 March 2011

love your magazine so glad I found it on line, I am putting together my family tree and spent many summers with my Grandmother and extended family in Judique C.B.Just found out that my GGG Grandfather came from Eigg in or about 1825. I'm trying to unravel this mystery as information is difficult to come by butI won't give up. Thank you for your dedication to your much read and loved newsletter. Maybe you could add a section about the grave stones and cemetery's of the Isles and the immigrant ships that sailed away to Canada.I would like to exchange email with anyone from the Isle of Eigg as I am planning a visit.Keep up the great work
Darlene MacEachern (British Columbia, Canada)
26 March 2011

Not my area but my roots are in island Clanranald territory [Benbecula] so a fascinating read to see how far folks have spread.
Angus MacMillan (Oxfordshire, England)
1 March 2011

An absolute delight to read....oh to be a resident in your part of the world.
David (North Norfolk UK)
7 February 2011

Born and raised there and it is the best hope to be back soon
Thomas MacDonald (Boston Ma.)
23 Sunday January

Thank you for letting me share a little bit of island life with you .when i am rushing around birminghsam i often dream aboutlife on a small beautiful island and reading your paper lets me dream at bit more so thank you again and maybe one day i will get to visit your beautiful island the only worry would be i may never want to leave kind regards natalie xxx
Natalie roberts (Birmingham)
21 January 2011

hi my name is marie macpherson and im a descendant of the macpherson clan in the highlands of nfld. i have read your statements on the computer and i think i am a descendant of donald and rory macpherson.i dont have much information about my people as im new on the computer. the last person ive found that might be related to me is john macpherson from judique cape breton. i would like to find out as much information about our family and how and when they came from scotland.my fathers name is alexander macpherson. if you could help me in any way it would be appreciated. i would also like to know about my descendants in scotland.my address is as follows 5 glendale st. stephenville newfoundland. a2n 2j9 canada
Stephenville Newfoundland
15 January 2011

Interested to read about the ongoing plans for the yachting facility. I believe it will be incredibly popular as the next leg North from Tobermory. Looking forward to January edition.
Les Keith (Aberdeenshire)
3 January 2011

I was thrilled to find your newsletter and to get a real sense of the Isles. I am a decendent of the Canna Mac Donalds, Mac Issacs (not sure if they are from Canna or Skye). My mother and father were third cousins so my ancestry is directly tied to Canna. We have a Cairn in Glencoe, Cape Breton (I was born and raised in Cape Breton) that gives the date of 1864 as the arrival of the Canna Mac Donalds. The land in Glencoe still belongs to my family but the farms are gone.
My plan is to visit Canna in 2011 and perhaps help this very large family connect once again to their Scottish Roots. I would have to say that most of us have never lost the connections. We were raised to know who we were and where we came from. My grandfather spoke the Gaelic as his first language and we were brought up in the culture and music of the Scots. Cape Breton has a huge population of Scottish decendents mostly from the small Isles. I will read your newsletter and share it with family members. Please contact me if you wish. I would so enjoy talking with you and hearing about the Isles. Happy New Year and all the Best in 2011.
Sandy Mac Donald (Calgary, Alberta)
31 December 2010

A South African of Scots origin I took myself to Scotland on a personal "Odyssey" in November '09 spending most of my time exploring the West Coast. A highlight was a chance meeting with Rhys Thomas of Rum and the ferry trip to the island where I spent a couple of hours. If anyone's interested, I've written about it on the Travelpod blogsite under my "Traveler" name, Jockmcconn and the particular posting is "A Rum Experience". While in the area I stayed in the sleeper coach at Glen Finnan which I also thoroughly enjoyed and I've written about this experience in a posting "Sunsets & Fireworks". I'm planning a return trip as soon as possible as there is still much to explore. Discovering "West Word" makes me feel as if I'm back there alreaddy and I will be an avid reader from now on!
John McConnachie (Grahamstown, South Africa)
14 December 2010

What an excellent publication this is, it's far better than any newspaper, as this is full of interesting articles especially for us who can only visit thia area on holidays. Well done to all and thank you all.
Roger Fowler (UK)
25 November 2010

I love Lochaber and Corpach where my brother Nicholas Nicholson lives. I consider Corpach as home as I visit often. I came to the US to help establish the Outward Bound Schools in Colorado Minessota Maine and Oregon. Subsequently I worked for the US Peace Corps as Director of Staff anf Volunteer Traing Both my boys have visited Locaber. I have always emphasised that the only good thing out of England is the road to Scotland. As I am retired I have bee seeking a worthwhile cause. Let me know if I can be of any help. Warm regards
Roger Nicholson (Asheville, North Carolina)
29 October 2010

My father's parents were Donald John and Euphemia Macdonald of Howbeg, Benbecula who moved to Oban. Donald was a Chemical worker. My father had an uncle John in Glasgow. They had several children, Morag (Marion), Flora (married surname Hill), Neil, James (stayed in UK?), Alasdair (Alexander, John and Ronald. Another brother went to USA or Canada and became a ballistics or forensic expert. Most settled in Victoria Australia in 1920's. I think their great grandfather was named James Macdonald. He was a merchant in Howbeg. I would be interested to hear from any relatives in Benbecula or elsewhere.
Rosaleen Macdonald (formerly) (Brisbane, Australia)
25 October 2010

I am attempting to locate any information I can with respect to the immigration of the MacDonald family to Canada from Eigg. Unfortunately, I have little to offer in terms of details other than the names of the family members. They were:
Neil MacDonald and his wife Mary (my grandfather and grandmother)
Sons Donald; and Angus (my father)
Daughters, Catherine, Christine and Margaret (my aunts)
It is my understanding that they left the island in 1922. Unfortuntately, I do not have a month of departure.
I appreciate the fact that yours is probably not the appropriate forum for inquires of this nature, but I would be most grateful for any assistance that you can provide in terms of information or perhaps agencies that may have such information.
Thank you in advance for your time and effort.
Hector MacDonald (Edmonton, Alberta Canada)
15 October 2010

Up to now I only get an idea of your ilands by the music I found. I like very much: A Fairy's Love Song, Altar isle O'the sea (a song of eileen Rum),At the wavemouth, The Aspen Tree and others. I've made own arrangements of these songs. I would like to see your iles sometime. Your magazin West Word gives me some input to what is happening in Your home. Kind regards.
Michael Reidick (Rheinfelden / South Germany)
7 October 2010

Very interesting, a pleasant read.
Arthur Boyson (Braintree, MA, USA)
6 October 2010

Glad to find your presence on the web. I have fond memories of Mallaig/Morar/Arisaig having been a Bobby in Mallaig over the winter of 1975/76. As the junior Bobby I stayed in digs, first with Mr & Mrs Allan Johnson then Morag Gillies
Callum Grant (New Hampshire, USA)
2 October 2010

Canna sounds like a wonderful place to live peace and quiet,my idea of paradise well away from the rat race great scenery and wild life,good clean air,i would move their in a second,its my dream to have beautiful sights and walks all around with no trails of destruction to mar it.
Allan Armstrong (Airdrie)
27 September 2010

I have just discovered that my grandfathers family probably came from Eigg his name was Angus McEachern. He is decended from John McEachern who came to Hillsdale, Judique, Nova Scotia from Eigg, Scotland about 1835. Ihave been fortunate enough to have taken two trips to Scotland. East Kilbride, Glasgow, Linlithgow, Edinborough, Sterling, Ft. Augustus and Loch Lomond are the places I visited. Now that I know about Eigg I hope I can return some day to see your beautiful island.
Sheila Hunt (Warwick, RI. USA) 17 September 2010

Good to see a lively local newsletter. However, apart from in the title, there is not a word of Gaelic to be seen! Surely in a area such as this there must be an interest in the language! Or does the 'Rathad nan Eilean' go nowhere?
Doug Fraser
16 September 2010

Just a quick word to say how wonderful West Word is!!! I have been caravanning at Invercaimbe with my family for over 20 years and always look forward to re-visiting such a beautiful and vibrant area and curling up with a copy of West Word to find out what's been going on. Keep up the brilliant work!
Mel Stewart-Wyke (County Durham, England)
15 September 2010

We love the area from Ardnamurchan to Mallaig and we were looking to move to Arisaig in 2009 and viewed 2 houses, (regards to Hugh M. and Sue C.) but circumstances changed with the death of my father, so we have postponed our early retirement. It's nice to keep updated with the various happenings though, and we continue to visit, albeit as holiday folks. Maybe one day our dream will come true.
Syd & Sue Hutchinson (Hampshire)
14 September 2010

Much as I love Canada, I do miss Scotland and the Western Isles very much. Timor Omnis Abesto. Cheers
John Ronald Tapp (Abbotsford, BC, Canada)
12 September 2010

Love your site. We have been to Scotland twice. Last time we got married on the Isle of Skye. We miss the land, but most of all we miss the people. Your site makes us remember our experience, and makes us wish to return there. This is a great way of keeping up on what's going on, and to help us plan for our next trip. Thank you for all you do. Aron and Amber Leonard and our sons Ian and Gavin.
Aron Leonard (Apache Junction Arizona USA)
10 August 2010 at 15:58:05

came across this by accident~ so nice to read about Morar Mallaig and catch up many years have passed since I was last there miss it sooo much ~
Angela (Florida USA)
7 August 2010

We organized a trip for our Baha'i youth & Children group to Eigg and Muck. We all loved your islands and had a wonderful time thanks to Maggie,Camille and John on Eigg, and Rosie , Judy and Jenny on Muck.
Mina Sheppard (Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides)
3 August 2010

Dear folks-
Just finished reading June's news- sounds a tad dry and warm this year. I also hope the church got its scaffolding back. I was also searching for some temporary lodging for 1to2 months late fall 2010 (small furn. flat) in Mallaig or thereabouts. Why? My great-grandfather was from Edinburgh. I just have some odd need to see his homeland, do some basic geneology, and visit the inner and outer islands. Any thoughts or suggestions ("stay away Yank!" ha ha) would be welcome. See you-
Tom "Tex" McCreary (Colorado Springs, CO, USA)
1 August 2010

I'm another Scot living South of the border (following the work) and pining for some proper sea air, hill walking, wildlife, a good craic, and empty roads.
Reading the West Word gives me just enough of a taste of home to keep me sane! :)
The only thing I don't miss are the midges!
To auld friends....
Rob Austin (Wigan)
26 July 2010

Visited Mallaig during my latest Scotland tour arrived on the Jacobite - was pleased to see fellow Johnstons in a successful business. My grandfather originated in Aberdeen. Enjoyed my visit will spend more time in Mallaig next time hoping weather will be better.
Gary William Johnston (Derby)
22 July 2010

Your site brings back many happy memories of times spent in the West Highlands. I now live in south east Brazil but have been able to keep in touch with many of my old friends via the internet. I would be delighted to exchange greetings with an old school friend, John McDonald, who lived in Mallaig. We both went to the same school, St Josephs College in Dumfries, and he coxed our boat to win the Scottish Schools Championship in 1965. He would be in his early 60s now. If anyone knows of him, I would be grateful if they would pass on this message.
Alastair Kinghorn (Brazil)
18 July 2010

I have been going to Canna and staying in Kates Cottage for 20 years and tha last 2 years I have taken a small microlite with me and flown around the island, taking some of the islanders and there children up with me and filmed and put to the music the results to DVD. If any one would like a copy please email me and I will send them a copy!
Peter Waller (Somerset)
16 July 2010

Trying to locate Neil MacQuarrie and Mary Chisolm's marriage certificate. There is a Margaret McRae listed as Neil's spouse, unless she used Margaret instead of Mary, Scotlands people has no record. Does anyone know? Neil born abt 1840 South Uist.
Joan Bryson (Australia)
4 July 2010

3 July 2010

I heard on the radio (Radio 2 Chris Evans breakfast show )that Muck are looking for a family to move to the Island as 3 children are leaving . Having then read all about your Island, it sounds like a beautiful place to live. However, with only 1, eight month old baby, I don't think I will fit the criteria! It's lovely to dream though .... And I now plan to visit next summer. I wish the Muck Islanders all the best in their search for new residents.
Nisha (Guildford, Surrey)
3 July 2010

Just heard on the STV news that a family was leaving Muck and a house was to become available. I have always dreamt of living on a wee island, so went online to find out more about Muck, and discovered West Word. online. Reading a few of the items has been bliss, so keep up the good work all of you!!! I will be back to read some more soon.
Lynne Rankin (Maybole, South Ayrshire)
29 June 2010

I have just finished reading "Eigg, the Story of an Island" by Camille Dressler. I have a few papers at home outlining my ancestors from Eigg. I belong to the MacDonald clan through my mother's family. I would really like to go further into this side of my family history.
Vicki Simpson (Bathurst, NSW, Australia)
28 June 2010

Hello, lovely to read what is going on on Rum and the other small isles. Hope to come and visit you sometime in the future.
Ragnhild (Iceland)
27 June 2010

I have enjoyed my reading trip thru all of you for a breif moment . My brother ,Robert William Smeaton ,living in California, has taken extreme interest in in his Scots Ancestery that he wears the Smeaton kilts in plain view when he is out on his outings. He is now trying to master piping, Our Great Grandparents were from Perth ? Scotland. They came to America and settled in Saganaw , Michigan Our Grandfather , Dr. William Smeaton was born in Scotland . Eventually , sometime after the civil war ( War of the States) , he married the daughter (Mary M. Wright) of the Nez Perce Chief , Joseph . We are very proud of our Ancestery. Thank you for inviting me to your guest book.
Renee M. Smeaton-Burgess (Ypsilanti, MI USA)
13 June 2010

In mid March myself and some 'southern' friends spent a week on the Isle of Eigg. We stayed in Glebe Barn which was fantastic and we all had a great time. We were made to feel very welcome and we especially enjoyed the live music in the community hall on the Thursday. We had brilliant weather most of the week, especially on the Sunday when we climbed to the top of the Scurr. Thank you everyone on Eigg who helped to make it a holiday to remember, we will be back!!! Also a special thank you to John, the Warden from the Scottish Wildlife Trust, who took us on a very interesting walk around the island, it was very informative - great day.
Jo Strong (Oxfordshire)
11 June 2010

Greetings from New Zealand. I am researching my Great Grandfather - Donald Stewart cameron who was born ca 1842 and went to australia with his parents in 1849 [possibly on Nerbudda] - his parents were John Cameron & Annie Stewart.
Also possibly a link is Alexander Stewart Cameron born 17 June 1828 at Meoble Arisaig. If anyone has any information on this family I would love to know.
Thanks so much. Kindest regards,
Lola Couvee (New Zealand)
8 June 2010

Thanks to Allan and Elizabeth I have discovered many relatives lost for over sixty years. Welcome home.
Philip MacEachan (United Kingdom)
20 May 2010

Enjoy reading the comments on this site. Looking for information on Andrew Jamieson (b~1800) from Isle of Canna. He married Ann McLeod. Around 1855 the family immigrated to Ontario, Canada. Beautiful country Scotland.
Diane Turk (Ontario, Canada)
15 May 2010

I am Colin brother of Campbell, son of Kennith (brother of Arther and Donaly) of Islay. Scotland. And "I ha the look o a MacEachern aboot me" as I've been told, whatever that means, lol :-)
Colin Neill MacEachern (Gloucester, England, UK)
12 May 2010

I have spent over 20 years trying to fill a gap in my Family Tree, My Great Grandfather Alexander McKechnie was born in Johnstone nr Paisley 20/08/1820 his father was also Alexander and was born in Ireland (do not know where)It is said that family is from Howbeg South Uist and related to Neil Maceachen, indeed told the family fled to Ireland at some point after 1746 and returned to the Paisley area around 1800 with a name change to McKechnie, can anyone provide any leads to help me fill the gap between 1746 and 1820. I know Neil had a brother Alexander who held the tack on S Uist, did he or any other brothers go to Ireland?
John McKechnie (Colchester UK)
13 April 2010

I have just come back from mallaig ...snow and all finished up in edinburgh for the train to go to london.and what snow. i loved it
Elaine Elliott (London)
11 April 2010

Discovered you recently. Does anyone know where I would research to discover the history of the farm Seanachaich near Iverie? I am interested in the family Donald Macdonald and Catherine Macgillis who lived there. Wondering if anyone knows anything about Donald's father John and Grandfather John? Wondering how many generations this family lived in the Knoydart area? Thanks for pointing me in the correct direction.
Ann Harrington (Melbourne, Australia)
9 April 2010

My Maternal Grandfather Alexander MacIntosh, and his brother John and Sisters Jesse andd Gracie and Mary, lived at the Stage Inn, Now Princes House at Glenfinnan. They left in 1901. We the descendants dont know the whole story. What we do know is that their father died and their mother Anne Macdonald married again, a Simon Campbell. We think a further son was born to that union again simon. We know they had relations in the area, John MacIntosh of Corpach Hotel and Alasdair MacIntosh of the Nether Lochaber Hotel. My Granfather Alec, told of wrestling with the Irish labourers who built the viaduct at Glenfinnan when he was young, for entertainment. We think there was also a son William born to Mary, but we aren,t sure. They went to the Kinghorn Hotel in Fife, long gone. I visited with my family first in 1953, and stayed at Altdarroch Farm, My Father became very friendly with Mr. MacLoud. Both had fought in the 1st World war. I have returned many times staying in and around the area but haven,t come across many relatives, if anyone knows anything, please contact me.
John Dunne (Haltwhistle, Northunberland)
5 April 2010

Nice to see the area appearing with street-level photos on Google Maps now - especially nice to see that the car made the trip down to Bracara! Greetings to all!
Keith Lazarus (Leavenworth, KS)
11 March 2010

My mothers people came from Eigg around the 1820 or so, although I have visited Scotland twice, it was on a tour and we were not able to visit the Island. My fathers people came from Canna about the same time. Maybe someday I shall be lucky enough to visit both Islands.
Dan McIsaac (Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada)
25 February 2010

My family left Scotland in approx 1784-1786, and settled in Knoydart, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, Canada. I lived the majority of my live in NewWaterford, Nova Scotia, but am now living elsewhere in Canada for employment reasons (much like many members of your own community). The community focus and feel to West Word is absolutely fantastic. It reminds me much of the area where I grew up in Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, nothing like West Word exists in Nova Scotia, or even the Cape Breton area where I grew up. West Word is a excellent way to keep the community spirit intact, regardless of how spread out among the world its members are. You are all doing a great job of keeping your community spirit and camaraderie alive (this in my opinion seems to be a lost concern in todays modern world). Although, my family has been removed from Scotland and your area for very long time, the area around where I grew up, seemed somewhat similar in many ways.
I guess I could have just said great website in order to keep it short, so thanks for reading if you've got this far. Take care,
Peter MacDonald (Brandon, Manitoba, Canada)
22 February 2010

Due to visit Mallaig soon
Robert McLaren (Isle of Man)
20 February 2010

We like reading all the news about Canna, having visited the Island. We enjoyed the Radio 4 programme on Canna, which aired before Christmas; it brought back some good memories. On the last visit, there was no cafe so we look forward to having a good meal when we next visit. We send our best wishes to all residents, especially the school children, whom we wish the best of luck with their sheep project. Your Island is beautiful!
Christina and Nisha Tank (Guildford)
16 February 2010

I'm researching Soldier John MacDonald who left Arisaig Scotland 1791 on the Dunkeld with his grown family. He settled in Ardness Bailey's Brook, Pictou county, Nova Scotia. Thanks.
Ray MacDonald (USA)
4 February 2010

Love the web page. Coming up again in June, you guys are so lucky to live insuch a great place. Hope the weather is improving - and that the new sofas are really comfy. See you soon.
Jillian Aboltins (Mansfield, Nottinghamshire)
1 February 2010

Hi i just came across this page ,im trying to find my family tree on my granparents my granpa name was john randal mcdonald ,his father was dan mcdonald and his mother was catherine mckinnon,my granpa john was born in alexandria ont in 1888,if any one can help me,i would love it. :-)have a great day.
anita mcdonald mclachlin (sask canada)
28 January 2010

Once again I, and a party of friends, enjoyed seeing in the New Year in my favourite part of Scotland, this year we stayed in Morar. Nearly every night the pine marten would come and feed in the garden, within view from our house. The local shops must have made a fortune out of our party from buying fat balls continuously! Every time we hung the fat balls out for the birds the pine marten would complete several acrobatic movements to dislodge and run/drag off his treasure from whence he came! We also had Siki deer graze in the garden and multitude of birds, who did manage to get to the fat balls before the pine marten, was a wonderful sight. The otters frequented an area in Loch Morar and it was glorious to see how playful and graceful they were.
I would like to thank the local people who keep the area so clean and tidy. The courtesy shown in every shop I visited was second to none, and even a quick unexpected visit to the local GP was a pleasure to be met with such helpful and considerate staff.
How I envy all you locals living in such a wonderful place on this earth. Happy New Year!
Moira Livings
28 January 2010

I have such fond memories of a wonderful camping holiday with my granddaughter on Muck in August 2007. Thank you all, especially Rosie and Jenny for your hospitality.
Liz Hall (Henlow, Bedfordshire)
19 January 2010

I see I have some distant relatives (descendants of Angus of Borrodale) visiting this site. While I have never visited Arisaig my bride and I did spend a week in Scotland ...33 years ago. One of our "bucket list" plans is to rent out our home here in the states for a year and spend that year in Scotland.
As for my heritage, my great-grandfather was Donald Charles MacKinnon, husband of Catherine MacDonald, grandneice of Penelope MacDonald who married the Grandson of Angus of Barrodale. Penelope was also the daughter of Dr. Roderick MacDonald, the physician aboard the Alexander when it sailed to PEI in 1772.
Hello to all in the home land ...
Paul MacKinnon (Massachusetts, USA)
9 January 2010

I get copies of westword from a friend of my nanas margaret johnston.I moved from Mallaig to Dunure so the papers are still a connection with mallaig life but my daughter Gemma has to fill me in with who is who as everyone i knew have all grown up !! we have since moved to outside stranraer and have made new friends once again but still miss my life in mallaig and would love to hear from old friends
Louise Macmillan (Ardwell, Stranraer)
8 January 2010

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year! I am researching my g-g-g-grandfather, John MacIsaac, whose father, Lauchlin MacIsaac came from Eigg to Nova Scotia in the 1820's. It has been fascinating to read all of the stories about the people of the Islands and West Highlands. My wife and I are saving up to make a journey to the area sometime in the next couple of years. Keep up the amazing work you're doing (it's like an armchair vacation!)
Andrew Beachum (Vancouver, WA, USA)
6 January 2010

Born in Halifax, NS. Family from Mabou, Cape Breton, Halifax, Love reading anything about our ancestory. Lots of interesting pictures and information in this presentation
Mary Anne Mac Donald-Lovett (Taylor, Michigan, USA)
3 January 2010

I James Mac Kinnon ancestors' came from Isle of Muck around 1826-1828 on the ship Commernce and arrived in Halifax, NS. Then travelled further and settled in our beautiful Island of Cape Breton, NS. Used to talk to you a few years ago on this site but it's been awhile. Marietta and I hope to visit the Isle of Muck in the near future.
James Mac Kinnon (Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia)
Greetings to the four islands from Thompson, Manitoba Canada. I met James while he was working here last year. He talks often about the people/islands there.
Marietta Bighetty
30 December 2009

Hello, I hope you don't mind me using your web page to say hello to Lucia MacKinnon. My maiden name is MacKinnon and I never thought I'd ever find someone with the same name as myself. So hello Lucia.
Lucia (Argyll)
15 December 2009

It sounds like you  have a little bit of paradise where you are.  My favorite things, Old Trains, Sail boats, and lots of green sea and land. A place I hope to visit someday.
Roxanne R. Durando (USA)
27 November 2009

Thank you for comments on how Jacques place was no longer there ,. I was my mother and father that ran Jacques place along with me working there myself in th summer. My parents Agnes and Jacques meheut . I have to say i do miss the village and it is so magical so are all the people who live there i remember going to the primary school with yhe head teacher ms blackburn. and going to church with father mCinon (hope i spelt it right )
the house that was next to my mum and dads resturant was a bungalow that was my mum and dads ,i used to play football accross the road at the old smiddy the old door used to be goals, what memmories this has brought back,
sorry i put in the wrong name of the priest that was in the church he was very special so i appoligise his name was father gillies i am sorry for that error i remember him from my holy communion and my conformation and it was not long after this event that father passed away sadly missed he was and i am sure he still is.
many thanks from michelle meheut formaly of glen house rhu then cross cottage arisaig village (now Shetland)
19 November 2009

My daughter has booked the Astley Hall for her wedding ceileidh next May having been married on Camasdarroch beach earlier in the day. When she and her cousins were tiny we rented various caravans in the area but also the showmans caravan which was then almost on the beach and is now in the architect's, sorry dont know his name, garden. Originally we rented it from Murdo Grant, a family friend and then from Moby Mclean.
Idyllic memories of sunsets, cowrie hunting, fishing, 'golfing' through the cows on Traigh and so so much more have made her want to share it with fiance and friends. They will be staying at various locations in the area and we wondered if anyone could advise on mini busses or people carriers to help with transport?
Moira McArthur (Aberdeen)
29 October 29 2009

Enjoy dipping into West Word. I am tracing my family who came from Glasnacardoch, a Donald McDonald (fisherman) and Catherine McDonald (pre 1876). Always hoping that someone may have a connection to the family. Keep up the good work in spreading the news from the West.
John McDonald (Cumbernauld)
29 October 2009

Hello from P.E.I, My family traces their roots back to Donald of Allisary who left Arisaig in 1772 for PEI with Capt. John Glenaladale. Donald was the son of Angus of Borodale, A place (Borodale House) in which I had the opportunity to stay this past June. I also stayed in Arisaig with Elizabeth and Alan MacDonald and enjoyed my stay there as well... I see many relatives down the line writing in the guest book of the West Word and thought I'd drop a line as well.
Evan MacDonald (Prince Edward Island, Canada)
28 October 2009

I enjoy reading your interesting and informative'edition'which covers such a wide spectrum of interests. Of course I especially enjoyed reading of the 'Whisky night' at Ben Nevis and of my friends Charlie MacFarlane, Isobel and family. With all good wishes,
Malcolm C.McDonald (Queensland Australia)
25 October 2009

Our family came from the Isle of Eigg back in 1791 Angus (Pioneer)MacDonald and landed in Pictou, Nova Scotia with his 3 daughters 2 brothers and one sister. They settled in Judique Ponds and were known as the "Bogainn" MacDonalds. Would appreciate any info from your side of the world. Thanks Very Much.
Reginald MacDonald (North Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada)
8 October 2009

Plan to visit the Mallaig area 16th - 20th October. The information has been helpfull. Regards
Ian Mackinnon (UK)
6 October 2009

Have read all about your lovely island and am looking forward to coming to see it for real next August with my Spanish family. [especially the tearooms!!]
Margaret Broughton (Wiltshire, UK)
9 September 2009

My great, great,great,grandfather John Mac Donald came out of Scotland on ths Ship Nora 1801. He came form a small village name "BORRODALE ". John settled in Antigonish County, he had four sons, Angus moved to Pinevale Antigonish County. Where I live. Is there anyone in Canada with any connection to the 'BORRODALE' name.
Angus Ronald Mac Donald (Antigonish, N.S. Canada)
23 August 2009

Thankyou Morar at al
Another fantastic week staying in Bracara with heavenly views over Loch Morar, truly blessed. Been coming up for 21yrs now and never tire of the awsome beauty. Again Castle Tioram was a joy to visit......with no door to stop you going in this time.............Wow!! Hope you are better Jessie.
Charles Russell (London)
6 August 2009

My father was Archibald Eugene Poole, son of Sallie McNair, daughter of Eli P. Daniely and Nancy Ann McAskill, daughter of Hector MacAskill and Christian Chisholm! I utilized your source to find out more about Hector MacAskill. I knew he was from Skye, but now, thanks to the May and June 2007 issues, "A Little Geneology..." I know much more! Thank you!
Mary Marle (Poole) Hyde (Pretty Prairie, Kansas, USA)
27 July 2009

I have finally come across the Isle of Rum in my family history research, while seeking the birthplace of my father's great grandfather Kenneth Morrison who was born in 1816 in the village of Harris. I have been unable to find any village named Harris until I realised that in 1816 there was still a village by that name on the west coast of the Isle of Rum. Are there any resources to investigate individuals among the population of Rum before the 'clearances' around 1826, and are there any descendents still in the neighborhood? Kenneth was the son of Norman and Margaret Morrison and married Mary Fraser, daughter of Grant and Sara Fraser. They migrated to Geelong, Victoria, Australia in 1851 aboard the ship 'Clifton', with three children. They traveled to western Victoria where they helped pioneer the wool industry.
John Morrison (Byrrill Creek, New South Wales, Australia)
25 July 2009

Hi, I am the guy who has been flying around Canna for the past 16 years and who took some of the children up on my small microlite that I took this year that Jeoff mentions in WestWord! I want to say that everyone helped me so much this year in bringing along my powered paratrike and this gave me the freedom to fly around the coastline of Canna and Sanday and film it from the air. I have made a short dvd dedicated to these flights (11 minutes) to music and poetry so if anyone would like to have a copy just ask! Or you can go to Youtube and find my page by typing in billy10100 and you will see the link to the film from there Thanks,
Peter Waller (Somerset)
19 July 2009

My husband George (Hector) and I have enjoyed reading all the Mallaig news in your paper. If George were more fit we would have loved to visit Mallaig once more but it is not possible. The paper gives great information. Thank you for all the hard work in putting it together.
Moira MacLellan (East Kilbride)
17 July 2009

Greetings from a cousin in Canada with roots in Arisaig, Alisary etc. I am descended from emigraton of 1772 to Prince Edward Island led by Capt. John Macdonald Glenaladale. I believe I also have Angus Borrodale as an ancestor. Donald Macdonald of Alisary was his son by some histories and he emigrated on this trip with his son John. I haven't been back to your beautiful part of the world since 1988 so I am overdue. God bless you all.
Donald E. Macdonald (Ottawa, Canada)
16 July 2009

Some fifty years ago a dear friend and his wife introduced my family and I to your beautiful Lochaber - more specifically Arisaig - and we shall always feel indebted to them for doing that. The family has grown a lot since then and we look forward to coming once again, in force, next year. West Word enables us to keep in touch with what "goes on" up there during our enforced absences. Thank you for that.
Denis Cox (Shepperton, Middlesex)
16 June 2009

I am very impressed by the work you have all done and i hope you will keep it up? I will return to my grandfather's domain in Arisaig and reclaim my inheritance! Silver Sands is mine!!
Alister Graham MacEachen (Arbroath)
18 May 2009

Stumbled upon West Word whilst surfing for images of a part of Scotland that is like heaven on earth. Used to visit my late great aunt Kate MacKinnon in Morar every summer when I was a child; I now visit the area with my own children. I look forward to keeping in touch with your newsletter from now on.
Andrew MacDonald (Co. Durham)
14 May 2009

Looking for any literature at all about the area, i found your site. Its so that i can make the most of a week's special holiday at Camusdarach at the back of May. Found the genealogy fascinating. love history! Can't wait to visit.
Heather Smethurst (Cambridge)
14 May 2009

gerry and i used to fight over who was getting to read the westword first and i used to say to him you have been reading it for years its now my turn to read it ha ha i love on a sunday morning when iam up in the beautifull west highland village of arasiag looking out over to rum and eigg with my westword and good old cuppa tea and having a good old catch up of all the gossip and the exciting things that are going on
love from annie mac (East Kilbride Glasgow)
28 April 28 2009

Thanks again for another wonderful West Word. I always like to keep in touch with my favourite place on earth.
Jim R B Robinson (Manchester, England)
28 April 28 2009

I used to live in Mallaig and would like to say hello to everyone who knew me and my family.
Anne Glaves nee Price (Newark)
16 April 2009

I happened on your site "Rathad nan Eilean" by accident. What a wonderful find! My daughter and I visited Scotland last year for the first time and cannot wait to return. We fell in love with the country side, as wsell as the kind, generous and helpful people. My ancestors were from Moidart. I believe that is located near Mallaig but I could be wrong. "Rathad nan Eilean" transported me back to the magnificant highlands. I will visit it often. Beannachd Dhe Leat!
Janet Stubbert (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Producer/Host of Scottish Voice radio show
9 April 2009

As the co-owner of an american tour company and a reader of West Word, I was suprised to see that months after discussing ways for attracting sailors to your new yacht facility you now plan to block the view with wind turbines. That is not the view my clients wish to see. Their main attraction besides the people is the aesthetic appreciation of small islands,forests,mountains, waterfalls and wildlife Mlaliag is noted for.Wind turbines may well have a proper place but it's not where you plan to put them. I urge you to again re-think this placement and not rubber stamp it.
John Ennis (Hudson, Florida)
27 March 2009

I was very surprised to read that the Mallaig and Morar Community Centre Association is considering the possibility of installing two wind turbines to provide electricity to power the community centre, which is in the centre of the village.
As a 'foreigner' who has ancestors from the area, I had imagined that efforts would be made to keep the scenery in the area looking compatable with its history and environment. Is there not some other way of providing the energy in a more discreet form? Would it be economically viable, compared to the small amount used in the traditional method of supply?
How do the residents affected by the sight of it feel about the change? Have their feelings about their village been considered?
If I can ever visit there again, I would be very disappointed to see such a beautiful place exhibiting such an ugly reminder of the modern world.
Gillian Johnston (Adelaide, South Australia)
17 March 2009

I recently read the book "Bare Feet and Tackety Boots, a Boyhood on Rum" by Archie Cameron. Since then I have had a burning desire to visit Rum. It is now on my post retirement "bucket list". I will get there! I also have a burning desire to visit Memert in the East Fresian Islands. See "The Ridddle of the Sands" by Erskine Childers. And then there's........... I'll have to stop reading! Cheers,
Dan Bedford (Brisbane, Australia)
16 March 2009

Greetings from Pensacola, now celebrating its 450th year with a visit by the king and queen of Spain. It is a true pleasure to read West Word online, especially about doings on Eigg. I yearn to your beautiful part of the world...maybe this year. Best wishes
Marshall McLeod (Pensacola, Florida, USA)
14 February 2009

Took small isle cruise from mallaig on monday had tears in my eye at eigg as i was baptised there in 1961.
Colin Hodgson (Annan)
13 February 2009

Hello to you all and a happy new year from down here in dorset by the sea. came across your website and just want to thank you for wonderful editorals, such fantastic stories from the past. im planning to come to morar and mallig 2010 for my 50th birthday. a treat ive promised myself for 10years and by hook or crook im coming . my son asked me hat i would like for xmas this year, i replied,an ordiance map of the highlands please. he stared,muttered.......... i got it yipee
Debbie Byde (Poole, Dorset)
4 January 2009

My great-great grandfather left Eigg in 1832. He was married to Catherine Gillis.They lived in SW Margaree on Cape Breton. Their son Ronald MacLellan was married to another MacLellan. I don't know which family she was from, but I thought from the MacLellans of Morar. My grandfather, Daniel D. married to Euphemia Graham. Her mother was a Morrison, her grandmother a MacDonald.Her grandfather John Graham, was one of the founders of Judique.
Daniel Dougald MacLellan (Bluffton, SC)
25 December 2008

Delighted with the page. my grandfathers familly hail from morar, and can trace back to 1840.
Charles A Francis (Essex, England)
10 December 2008

Came across your site while doing research for my racehorse's name she is out of a mare called Road To Skye Thanks to this I am am applying for the name MALLAIG hopefully I will be successful I enjoyed reading about your area and surrounds
Tom Balshaw (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
7 December 2008

hi came hear 2 the isle of canna in 1990 with my high school for a week ( peebles high school ) loved this small island and would love to return with my children 1 day your island made a huge impression that i will never forget
Kerrie Grant (Kelso)
6 December 2008

This is my first visit to your site and found it very interesting, in scearching our family we have determined that my father's people came to Nova Scotia about 1825 from the Isle of Canna. My mothers people were McDougalls from the Isle of Eige. One of your writers mentioned the Catholic church will be making available som records in the near future. I would be most interested in viewing them. Moran Thaing
Daniel R McIsaac (Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada)
11 November 2008

My husband is of Creek Indian/Locklan McGillivray line of the Ban McGillivray descent. I just found your newsletter on line and have enjoyed reading them. Keep up the spread of good news.
Jo Beth McGilbra (Mississippi, USA)
7 November 2008

Always love reading about the area of Morar/Knoydart etc as I have been up there many times. I would just like to say that the recent article/story on the Oban Bothy was a fascinating read and am just sorry i have never attempted that walk myself. My best walk was the one from Bracorina to Stoul and also the walk round Loch Morar from Bracorina to Tarbet.
Charles Russell (London)
23 October 2008

it is a brill paper.I come on holiday to portnadoran campsite in arisaig
Harry Alcock (Uttoxeter)
14 October 2008

I am from Macdonald's of Arisaig, Gillis' of Morar, MacIsaac's of Eigg, Macdonald's of Muck, Kennedy's of Canna, all immigrated to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. What a fine history we all have.
Dean White (Calgary, Alberta)
21 September 2008

We just had a grand trip to Mull, Skye, Edinburgh and England. We visited Duart Castle, and it was very emotional for me, also the monument to William Wallace. We hope to come back in 2012 for the clan gathering at the castle. I am in the process of trying to find where my grandfather's father's father came from, and what his name was. My grandfather was James MacLean of PEI, Canda, and his father's name was John Alec MacLean, I would like to know how the family came to Prince Edward Island and in what year. My grandfather was given away as a child, and so were some of his siblings, John Alec went on to have another family. John Alec's wife's name was Mary Jane Bucannan. I look forward to finding out my heritage and visiting beautiful Scotland again.
Karen MacLean-McMillan (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
16 September 2008

I was given this site while on holiday in Mallaig,and I must say,it is well worth a visit,I will bookmark this for future ref.
Jean Kennedy (Newmains, Lanarkshire)
2 September 2008

John MacLellan (KING)
Was wondering if anyone has any information on this John MacLellan who came to Cape Breton from Morar in 1820 with his wife and children. Does anyone know of his life in Morar and any information on his wife? Thanks,
Peg Morton (USA)
19 August 2008

I typed in the name Dod Christie into the search thingy and your website came up.Dod was a pal of many including my old man Sandy Sherriffs(railway man) . Myself and my brother David took great delight in staying in in Dod`s shed whilst in Mallaig (nobody down here seems to know how to pronounce it) with the old man and raking the old mallaig midden. I was surprised to find a reference to him on the net but technology is truly .....well ,we`ll see. I was up there on holiday a few years ago and it seems that aforesaid technology had beaten me to it.Good to know the old falla ain`t forgotten, all the best
Calum Sherriffs (Dunoon)
19 August 2008

I came to Morar (Meoble) in 2004 looking to identify folk in my father's photographs from the late 1930s. Some of the people were eventually identified but, sadly, most had passed on of course. The kind folk who put me up at Meoble have left now. Ann Martin was a contact back then but I have not done anything since returning to NZ later that year. I went to the Agricultural Show at Camusdarach and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Hope that trombonist in the silver band is still winning tossing the sheaf! I hope one day to return to Mallaig - you are all so lucky to live in such a beautiful and historical part of the world. Kind regards.
Helen Harker (New Zealand)
18 July 2008

I appreciate this site, and I'm always looking for tidbits about M(a)cDougall lines. I can go to Archibald McDougall, married to Margaret Campbell, having a son, Donald, registered at St. Andrews Presbyterain Church, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, in 1823. What information does the fact that some MacDougalls are Roman Catholic and others are Protestant give us? Why are there so few MacDougalls compared with other names? Do any of the facts above strike a cord with anyone? One line of questions I'm following deals with the descendents of John McDougall, blacksmith to the 82 Regiment, who received a 100 acre land grant in Merigomish, Nova Scotia. I'd be glad to hear from anyone who even has a clue that might add some clarity to these questions.
Bonnie MacDougall (Campbell Hall, New York, USA)
18 July 2008

Trying to find desendants of my grand mother Kate MacDougall, c1872,from Eigg and discovered your site.Her siblings were Ina, Jessie, Joanne, Effie,and Mary.paents John and Marion MacLean, grandparents Laclan MacDOugall and Catherine Colquhoun. Anyone with any knowledge of families then I would love to hear from you.
Caroline MacDougall MacCrone (Northampton)
18 July 2008

A fascinating read. I particularly enjoyed Stephen MacDonald's bird report. I am planning a visit to the area and it is useful to see what's going on. Best wishes.
Peter Driver (Berkshire)
4 July 2008

I was reading the Times Online Scotland news and clicked on an article on Kinloch Castle, Isle of Rum and once read could not read enough about this intriquing island community. I would love to be able to help restore the old castle. Of course, my dream trip is to visit Scotland one day and my heritage going back to the Kerr's of Ferniehurst, etc. I would fit in over there quite nicely(red hair, fair skin) as long as I didn't open my mouth. Nice to read about Humanism as well. Toodles and hopefully will hear from you soon.
Becca Kerr (Cumming, Georgia USA)
3 June 2008

Can anyone direct me to where I might find family history records for John McDonald who according to 1851 Census in Glasgow was born in Arisaig, Inverness about 1827. His parents were Ann McDonald, also born Arisaig about 1801 and Simon McDonald, deceased at the time of 1851 census
Linda Kaden
1 June 2008

My daughter & I will visit Scotland in September. As we will be taking the train ride from Ft. Williaim to Mallaig I was scouting the internet for information on your location. I found the WEST WORD and was delighted to read the articles. It beats a tourist brochure at learning the true personality and current "happenings" of the area.
Beverly Gibson-Magel (near Seattle, Washington, USA)
30 May 2008

My ancestors came from Arisaig in the late 1700's. I Love reading about the old home town
Colin W. Gillis (North Easton, MA 02356 USA)
19 May 2008

I am not long back from my third visit to Eigg, once more the hospitality was great, Donald made us work hard but it was more than made up for with Mharies magic cooking, got to be the best pinneapple upsidedown cake ever, yum.
I cant wait to sample the menu in the new bar/restaurant soon to be opened at Lageorna and take this opportunity to wish Sue and Alistair all the best, it looks great and the new bedrooms have beds to die for, I know cos i nearly died carrying them in ha ha.
I sailed from Arisaig this time, under the capable hands of Ronnie, no mammals in the water this time, but I know I will have this treat at some point.
Go to Eigg, the people will make you more than welcome and the views will chill you out and relax you for sure, I was sorry I had to leave, but will be returning soon.
June (Glenluce, South West Scotland)
10 May 2008

spent many happy years in mallaig from 1940----to1980 my mother was schooled in mallaig in the early 1900s still have some relations there yet. but getting fewer there were a lot of downies in mallaig then
Albert Downie (Fraserburgh)
9 May 2008

Just a quick reply to last month's Intenrnet Guest Book from Albert Watt-Downie, Fraserburch. He mentioned the fishing vessel "Craighaugh". Recently another mention wad made of "Silver Searcher" by Stanley Dauncan. I am the grandaughter of the man who owned both these boats and would like to give a little background to them. Grandfather comissioned the build of the "Craughough"at Forbes Yard in Sandhaven in 1914. It was scapped in 1954.
Johnan Cameron (Corpach)
1 May 2008

Our people came from Eigg..mother's people(Kennedys) from Canna..have been in Moidart (Fergie MacDonald's place) and Morar (Allister MacLeod's) and Mallaig (Alasdair Gillies) and Lochailort (alex Duncan's) as well in Glenuig( Angus,Iain and Allan MacDonald (the Whalers)..most recent visit 'home' was in 2004-look forward to return visit..Slante Mhath!
Jack MacIsaac (New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada)
29 April 2008

Hello, I am a MacKinnon descedentliving in Oregon and learned my clan is from from the Isle of Mull. My great,great,great grandfather,John MacKinnon married Flora Campbell and sailed to Prince Edward Island Canada. Their son, Archibald married a Mary Crowley, most likely Irish and therfore Catholic and moved to New Brunswick. I think from thereon he did not have any communication with his family. How sad. I have lots of relatives in PEI that don't know of us exist. Flora and John had many children. If any one knows of these folks please email me. Your Ilse has kept better records. I have a friend in England, Tim McKinnon who's Dad ran away from the your Ilse around 1960's but he won't talk about his childhood. That cheats us-- the heirs. Cheers from The States. I hope to visit someday. I will travel to Isle of Mull On April 24th but don't think I can get to skye. Presently in a conference in Somerset,England.
Peggy Doherty (Portland, Oregon)
15 April 2008

Imagine my surprise - my father, Floyd MacDonald, born in Creignish, Nova Scotia had passed away from cancer in Jan '04 and I have been missing him as of late. I decided out of interest to search for references to him on the Internet and lo and behold I came across your on line magazine. There is a lovely article making mention of him and his trip to Scotland in the summer of '03 before he passed. My family I am sure had no idea this piece was written about him and I can't wait to show it to them. That trip was very very important to my father and his research and I am honoured that he made an equal impact on the people he was able to connect with while visiting your lovely country. I just want to thank you for publishing that information and for making a (not so little anymore) girl proud all over again of her very special dad.
Susan MacDonald (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
10 April 2008

Hello everyone! Rhys has just been to visit us here in Iceland and it made me think a lot about the Small Isles. I hope you are having a great time, all of you. I am finishing my first year of my business studies here in Reykjavík at the same time as looking after lovely Ýmir who is a walking and talking happy 17 months old boy. Looking forward to seeing you all again sometime in the future. Lots of love from Ragnhild, Höskuldur and Ýmir
Ragnhild, Iceland (known as Reggie in Scotland)
7 April 2008

I believe that my ancestor Allan Mac Quarrie came from the Isle of Rum .I also have MacKinnon and MacLean ancestors.On an interesting journey to find out the facts.They were part of the highland clearences.Guess i would not be here if it had not happened.My grand-father Rufus Martin became a mover and a shaker as a railway suprintendent.His mother was a school teacher Sarah MacQuarrie.Her father Allan was born in Scotland.He ran a grist mill in Port Hastings Cape Breton and was very involved in spreading the gospel as a elder and colporteur.Is there any history of the times before 1826 that I could read?
Madeline Flewwelling Taylor (Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada)
30 March 2008

I have enjoyed keeping up with the news in Arisaig as my mum spent all her youth there...she was born in Glasgow and taken to Arisaig about 1924 or 25 to be brought up by the MacDonald family in Back of Keppoch...she had happy memories of her years in Arisaig...She died in 2004 and her wish was for her ashes to be placed in the church in Arisaig so that is where she is now..I only wish that someone from the MacDonald family had photographs of my mum and her sister Agnes, she spent every year of her adult life returning to Arisaig, only for a week, she was on holiday in 2002 with a neice, she stayed in Fort William because it was a special coach trip, they had a day trip to Arisaig, she was so excited, but that night she took a massive stroke, she spent 6 weeks in the hospital in Fort William , she never spoke again either but we allready knew that when the time came and she passed away she would be in Arisaig again. The priest at the time gave her a lovely little service and we placed her ashes in a lovely little corner on the hill..If anyone knew of my mum Mary Ann McEwan I would love to hear from them..
Moira Gray (Milton Keynes)
30 March 2008

I spent Easter weekend on the beautiful Island of Eigg, stunning scenery, friendly folk and a lovely farmhouse to stay in. A warm welcome was mine when i arrived on Eigg with my fiance. We were lucky enough to stay with Marie and Colin in Kildonnan House, which I can recomend as top class accomodation, with home cooking and great crack. I hope my next visit isnt too far off.
June McKinstry (Glenluce, South West Scotland)
26 March 2008

first visit to mallaig was in 1942. spent the next six years in mallaig. was a crew member on the fishing vessel [craighaugh] carrying herring from the outer isles. mother was schooled in mallaig from 1905 on. her name was ann forbes watt.
Albert Watt Downie (Fraserburgh)
14 March 2008

I just tripped across your site, and have found it most interesting. I have been researching my family history for over twenty years and it has taken me to several parts of the world. I find this family to be the most interesting because i'm descended from the McDonald's of loupe.
Catherine Flora daughter of; John McDonald son of; Angus McDonald Born; 1780 Knoydart, Scotland Died; March 23, 1862 Lochiel, Glengarry, Ontario, Canada married in Scotland abt. 1812 Too; Jane MacDougal(d) dau. of; Duncan Macdougal(d) Born: Abt. 1765 (Son of; Donald (Dhouil bheg) & of; Ann McDougal(d) Born: Abt. 1771
Angus McDonald & Jane McDougal(d)left on the Baltic Merchant in 1815 with two children. Jane's parents left the same year on the Elizabeth with their other children.
After searching for marriage certificates,census returns,obits,baptism records and many contacts on the roots web board throughout the years. Bless them all for their gift of knowledge and this diesease called family history. :) From all this i have the following info:
Angus McDonald Born; Abt 1790 son of; John Ban MacDonald (Of Toirracharian) son of; John MacDonald B-Abt;1688 son of; John MacDonald son of; Duncan Ban son of; Duncan MacDonald son of; John Mor MacDonald ......
*Angus McDonald B- 1790-1862 His father did not come to Canada, that i'm aware of so i'm hoping that there are families that descend from this line, and i would love to share information with them. Angus had the following siblings that i'm aware of, and maybe some that stayed in Scotland with their parents.
Alexander, Duncan, Sally & John U.E.L -who married Jane Sutherland they had 8 children ended up in Canada as well.
Debra Woodyatt (Ontario, Canada)
9 March 2008

Thank you! After a lengthy search, yours was the first website I found that gave me informaton about the "Fisherman and Little Girl" statue that greeted us at the Mallaig harbour last May! I am including some photos of it in a family video and wanted to document its significance. Now I know! Thanks again!
Gail Holmes (Denair, California, USA)
2 March 2008

A fascinating insight into life on the islands. I was drawn into the website after reading an article today in the Wales Western Mail about the Welsh couple from Carmarthenshire who have chosen to live in Canna and although I've heard of the other Small Isles, I did not know of Canna. After reading several websites, I feel I must get the ferry from Mallaig and visit the place along with my wife this summer. Eigg also looks fabulous. Good Luck
Howard Griffiths, Llanelli South Wales
30 January 2008

My brother Duncan in Auchtermuchty e-mailed the West Word to me which I have just finished reading. How I enjoyed my Uncle Gordon's reminiscences. (Aunt Bunts was my godmother). My father was Angus Findlay MacLennan.
Fiona M Oswald (nee MacLennan), Elgin, Moray
15 January 2008

hi i have intensions of visiting a few islands next year from which one is definitly the isle of rum . i have just taken up hill walking again since i was a boy when i visited quite a few islands including the orkney's , islay , gigha , colonsay to name a few i would appreciate if you could send any information on the isle of rum and the surrounding islands . i would be very grateful many thanks
John Docherty, Glasgow
14 December 2007

Hi, me and my children would like to wish you all a happy christmas and all the best for 2008. Our ultimate dream would be to move to canna and to be part of your comunity.But alas to financial burdens etc it may never be but we can dream and dream. If you are ever need a great cook and some kiddies(5 of) to expand your poulation then were here.lol
keep safe and godbless
Andrea and family, North Wales
13 December 2007

I was just browsing the Internet looking up information on my family who apparently immigrated from "The Isle of Rum" to Cape Breton Island around 1812....The common names in that particular family were....Roderick, Donald, Neil , Murdock....Anyway, we prospered & have done extremely well. I was reading an article in The Montreal Gazette a couple of years ago about the MacLeans on Rum.....& how they were trying to get some of the children to return....I found it very interesting...& in retrospect can see the "resemblence between the two lands".. Cape Breton and Mull..I even grew up in a small village called Kinloch...& now I realize where that name came from...Thanks to the Internet...
Cairine MacLean, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
4 December 2007

Hi evrybody,
together with my wifes we planning to visit to islands next summer (-08), 20 years ago I visited Isle of Mull and it was great. We are interested in history, nature´(the sea) and romantic places (fx castles) and we also like a good whisky..:-) Is there anyone who could give us any good ideas what to visit and do?
Best regards
Pelle Dahlin, Sweden
25 November 2007

Great to read your paper online to keep us up to date with everything going on in the area, we visit twice a year and stay for a week at Back of Keppoch (Kinnedar chalets), tell Jenny the sheepdog I'm missing her and I'll see her soon, thank you.
Erin Reilly (aged 8) from Kirkcaldy
18 November 2007

Very interesting to read about your community! Looking forward to visiting nan Eileain next Summer! Would like to correspond with some Gaelic speakers by email!
Diarmuid Hayes, Baile Atha Cliath, Eireann
16 November 2007

Love West Word almost as much as I love Morar and district. Spent many very happy holidays from 1944 onwards and hope to spend many more. Most were at Tougal and some at Portnadoran.Have had a couple of old photographs(I took them many moons ago) published in the last 2 editions and I'm sure I have many more. By the way I am from Falkirk not Kilwinning. I have many many friends in MORAR and it feels like coming home, maybe someday it will be!!!
Fiona Scott nee McLeod, Falkirk
13 November 2007

Just finished reading West Word for the first time but not the last, very interesting.
John MacLean, Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
5 November 2007

I worked in and around Oban as a botanical surveyor in 1999. I vowed to return soon but it never happened. How? Why? Now I have this wonderful site I'd like to keep in touch.
Claire Dines, Brighton
3 November 2007

31 October 2007

Very sad to read about the fire in the gardens, it was a special place in Arisag. Lived in Arisaig for 5 years and it will always have a special place in my heart.
Allison Mackintosh, Grantown-on-Spey
27 October 2007

I just wanted to say a wee thank you to Ingrid and Eileen in Glenfinnan for managing to keep village news updated despite both being so busy with babies. It's lovely to be able to find out what's going on at home when I'm very far away!
Ailsa Powell, Kunming, China
25 October 2007

My mother, Susan McCourt (an orphan) was raised in Arisaig from the time she was three in the 1920's, until she was old enough to leave and travel to England to go into Service. She didn't talk about it a lot, I believe times were rather hard in those days but I remember the name Annie Fenton who I believe brought her up, and a man called John who was good to her. I wish I had pressed her more, she died in 1984. If anyone has any memories that go that far back please let me know.
Francis Joseph Reynolds, Shenington, Oxfordshire
23 October 2007

Great to read all the news - particulalry intrigued by the potential puma sightings but also the sun fish. That really is amazing I was in the Caribbean recently and saw them there! Anyway, I have photos of NW Scotland that eclipse any photos I have of the Caribbean! I have been visiting the area yearly for 20 years and really like to feel I'm keeping in touch with things as I definately don't visit as much as I would like. Can anyone givew me a job up there? I will do anything to be up there!
Simon Lane, London
16 October 2007

I photographed the otter on Mallaig harbour on Friday 5th October and was delighted to do so. Took several photos up very close as he munched his fish lunch. Back home searched on the internet to find out more and found your website...what a treat!!
Ruth Lancaster, Staffordshire
7 October 2007

Lived in Arisaig for 5 years its nice to keep up wiv the local news.
Laurie Mackintosh, Grantown-On-Spey
7 October 2007

Had another wonderful week in Mallaig in September. For the first time we had booked a place with open views to Eigg & Rhum - and they were often shrouded in cloud and mist. Oh well! It was another opportunity to get to know the area well. We had two gloriously sunny days and managed a sail out to Canna on the 'Lochnevis' - Brilliant. I'm so struck, and taken with the place I've started a group on facebook ! Lonely at the mo. - only me there. Just search for 'we love Mallaig', Many thanks to the street cleaner who gave us a cheery 6am. wave as we drove out of town. We don't get that here.
Alan Richards, Manchester - ish
29 September 2007

I continue to enjoy Westword;especially the news from Eigg. My Great-great-great grandfather came to Shelburne, Nova Scotia in the late 1700's with the Loyalists.On his discharge papers his place of residence was listed as Eigg.I had the privledge of visiting Eigg in 2004. What a beautiful Island--such friendly people. Hope to return someday before Father- Time catches me !!
Kaye Barbour, Nova Scotia
23 September 2007

As we will visit Canna in December, I like to read what's going on there these months. Your stories give a nice insight.
Carla Tavenier-Kok, Netherlands
12 September 2007

I would like to address a matter that has long been a concern of mine which was mentioned in the Knoydart article of the August issue. The debate that has always been undecided, whether the goats that are resident on the peninsula are having a negetive impact on its bio-diversity.
Well, yes, they are eating a lot of pansies and other latin named sedges, berries, even trees! So it would seem the answer is- cull them, aye!
I would say, steady on, not being without a bit of experience in the matter having been previously employed as the first Knoydart Ranger, There are other factors to be taken into consideration.
First of all, The community owned peninsula was secured by a number of bodies including the John Muir Trust and the Highland council along with other trustee's and most importantly through personal donations from the general public.
The 'Appeal' to raise funds to secure the estate, was mostly successfull due to its main attractive feature, Its wild terrain commonly known as the Rough bounds of Knoydart. Our Main strategy which was defenately a winning factor to attract donors, was its new description, 'the Last Wilderness' on all our T-shirts, press re-leases. (you wont see a mention of that now.) The JMT are now one of most active organisations in promoting and preserving wild land, infact at the first 'Wild Land' conferance ran by JMT in Pitlochry. I was privilaged enough to attend. A very interesting conclusion was made by the JMT Chairman.
'How do we determin what is Wild Land'? In his opinion, which I totaly agree, 'If Golden Eagles thrive there, then that is Wild Land'.
During my time as the ranger on Knoydart I monitored the Golden Eagle activity as much as possible and established in 2004 that the number of nesting pairs were more than could be considered normal for these territorial Birds of Prey. Not to mention the occasional visit from the wandering juvenial Sea Eagle also being tolerated.
The Goat cull? Well due to the scarce food supply during the winter months, for our last great preditor, you would think the eagles would move further east toward the more lush habitats of the Cairngorm national park, But they dont. The reason possibly is the fact that the goat herd on Knoydart predominately have thier Kids January/February time, ideal sized takeaway meals to sustain the eagles through the incubation period on the nest. Personnaly, I would prefer to see the Eagles. The exposed western coast line is a harsh environment in the best circumstances anyway, under constant pressure from the elements. Go easy on the goats and give the Eagle his day on the Rough Bounds.
The peninsula I work on at the moment has some serious bio-diversity issues, but the goat herds are thriving away,(next to the camels)
Iain Fleming, Arabian Peninsula
4 September 2007

I came to the isles of Eigg and Rum for the first time this summer, and fell in head over heels in love with the people I met and the scenery (seen both in sunshine and rain). I was also privileged enough to see my very first whales while onboard the MV Shearwater (I was tremendously thrilled); and saw so many seals--very exciting for me because the only ones I've ever seen have been in zoos. I am so ready to come back and stay for a much longer time!!! The photos I took are memorized both in my mind and heart...I was delighted to find The Road to the Isles through a Google search and know I will use it to keep tied to the isles. Thank you!
Regina M. Belt, Crystal Lake, Illinois USA
29 August 2007

My sister and I will have 19 glorious days in Scotland, beginning Sept 5 in Edinburgh. She does not use a computer and leaves all the planning to me. After reading about all Scotland has to offer for MONTHS, I am so strongly attacted to your area, I think that after several days in Edinburgh, we will head for the Highlands after claiming our rental car!
Sharon Stupp, Dallas, Texas USA
22 August 2007

Visited during August to train folks in spraying. Had a great time, my thanks to especially Gerry and all who made me welcome, Wendy for her lovely grub and Team BMJ for hospitality in their house.
Iain Craig, Kintyre
20 August 2007

I continue to enjoy reading the West Word online and after posting comments a year or so ago, I received a very nice e-mail from Steve (no last name) in London who told me that he and his wife were applying to live in Canna. They were planning to open and run a B&B there. I have not heard anymore about the outcome so perhpas Steve will read my comments and reply with an update. Steve told me that he had visited Vancouver Island 10 years ago and loved this area. I suspect that "Island people" have similar experiences and characteristics around the world. We love West Word and hope one day to visit the Small Isles. My family history originates with the MacDonalds and Urquharts from villages/towns in Aberdeenshire (specifically Tarland and Peterhead). Scotland is a unique place on earth and I always love visiting. All the best to the West Word and its readers.
Cairine Green, British Columbia
19 August 2007

My name is Donna Collins, and 25 years ago, when I was 9 years old, in 1982. My family and I decended upon Morar for the most fonderful and memorable holiday I will ever remember. Infact, due to my mother falling seriously ill 4 years later, it was the last holiday I ever had. There were four of us,.. My Great Grand Mother,.. My Grand Mother,.. Mother and myself,.. Wee lassie with long blonde hair,,., We stayed in the little white but-n-ben cottage across the bay from the village. The one with the tin roof, Outside Loo, sheep all around and slugs up the wall.
The villagers took pitty on us due to our circumstances, namely the house was in a dreadful state for any house, let alone a holiday cottage, dirty bed linen from the previous holiday mekers and unwashed pots and pans in the sink didn't make for a good start. Let alone the sodden Mattresses and huge slugs crawling up the damp and mouldy walls.
Getting there was fun too, £40 Taxi fare from Fort William (1982 remember,.. would be equivilant to £120 today !!! ) Because the Trains were on Strike !, We had saved up for 4 years for the holiday, and had to keep another £40 incase they trains went on strike again, they did ! So we had a very meagre holiday, and had to make our own fun.
Mr. & Mrs Johnstone, only 50 yards away, were wonderful people, and helped up emensley. The whole village made us feel as though we had always been there. Mr. & Mrs Johnstone had two Grand Sons who tried to show me how to hunt for slow worms, without success, and were excellent artists, and painted two pictures of a hawk and an eagle for us to take away. We still have them, and I often wonder what they are doing today. No doubt, have a family of their own.
I remember also with great fondness the old gravedigger, (looked a bit like Seth Armstrong to me then ) He had suffered a very sad tradgedy only a few weeks before, his Grand Daughter had drowned at Morar falls when she had been out with her auntie. The auntie was deaf and didn�t hear the little one fall in or cry out, and by the time she realised what had happened, it was too late. Every time he saw me, tears welled up in his eyes, as he said I looked exactly like her. And warned my mother not to let me anywhere near the waters of the falls.
Shepherd Ronnie was another great friend, he invited us to the village cheildh on our last night of our holiday. We had a great time. I would love to know if he is still alive, for from that day I always wanted to play the Bagpipes, and I did. I became a member of my Local Pipe Band, and played in it for 15 years. I still play the pipes, but on my own now at various functions.
The Lady at the Post office was also most kind, giving us all sorts of advice about the area and events we could go to. The station master who one day let me open one of the road gates,.. Well he helped me,. But it was great !
And of course the old shop, which I understand is no longer there. I wonder if anyone remembers, two days after the Hyde Park Bombing in London, a RAF Jet flew right over the top of the shop, almost hitting it, and went straight up to try and avoid it. Everyone in the shop fell to the floor, one woman screaming. Me the wee dafty, just stood there, wondering why everyone was curled up in a ball,.. I was just intent on getting my chocolate !
I would dearly like to know if anyone I have mentioned is still alive? Mr & Mrs Johnstone, Shepherd Ronnie, The Grave Digger, The post Office Lady, The Station Master, The Pottery Lady with the Big Fuzzy Hair ! It would be lovely to find out.
My Great Grandmother died sadly over 15 years ago now,. But my Gran and Mum are still here, and are hoping to come back up to Morar within the next few weeks !! Only over night as Gran doesn't like travelling these days.
I also wonder if anyone remembers me or the Family who stayed in the But-N-Ben in the Hot Summer of 1982 ?
And what happened to us and what am I doing now?. Well 4 years after our holiday, mum fell seriously ill, they thought it was M.S, but could not diagnose her right for 10 years. Eventually they confirmed it was M.E.,,, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but by that time she had lost her job, and I was looking after the family,.. After leaving school tried a few jobs, but ended up becoming self employed, as a Comedy Entertainer, knows as Gladys Chucklebutty. I travel all over the country doing my comedy shows. Maybe one day I can do one for the lovely people in Morar. I also own a 80 Acre farm, which is both arable and some sheep and Cattle. I remember a lot of what Ronnie Told me.
So if any one out there remembers us, or knows if any one is still alive that I mentioned.,, PLEASE get in touch. I'd love to know !!! Thank you. Kindest Regards,
Donna Collins (Now aged 34), from Dunbar
15 August 2007

I am exchange teacher from Nova Scotia, Canada and currently teaching in Edinburgh. I just finished reading an article from your March 2001 issue entitled "A Little Geneology" by Allan MacDonald. He spoke of meeting Rick Grace from Nova Scotia who is related to me and the family of "Simon's People". I hope to be in the Mallaig area within the next month and was wondering if anyone from my family tree would be interested in meeting and exchanging information. Thanks!
Mary MacDonald, Halifax, Nova Scotia/Edinburgh
14 August 2007

I am very much enjoying your site and the marvels of the internet in looking up the place of my ancestry. I wonder if any MacLellans/McLellans still reside in Morar. My maternal grandfather (born 1894 in Canada) had ancestors from Morar. He married a Mary Catherine Chisolm and died here in 1982.
There were two brothers, Angus and Archibald MacLellan, sons of Neil who came from Morar in 1804 to Antigonish County, Nova Scotia (N.S.), Canada. Angus was in South River, N.S. and then moved to Inverness County, Cape Breton. I noticed on a picture of my great grandfather Angus's grave in N.S. that his name was spelled McLellan, although my family styles their name "MacLellan". Thanks,
Maureen Strickley, Canada
12 August 2007

I am researching McEachan/McEachern that left Arisiag, Scotland in 1791. Your newspaper keeps popping up and I am really enjoy reading it. I hope to visit your area next year.
Donald (son of Ronald) and Christian McEachan (various spellings, depending on who is recording the documents) left Arisaig, Scotland and settled in Cape George, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. I was the 7th generation to grow up at Cape George. Though I am making progress tracing my line in Nova Scotia, I am having difficulty making a connection in Scotland. Do you have any suggestions on where to look?
Any suggetions on where to stay in Arisaig or what to see? My Dad is a fisherman. I am trying to convince my Mom and Dad to visit Scotland with my sister and I. Is there a fishermen from the area willing to take him out fishing for a day? I am hoping that would convince him to take the long plane ride across the ocean. We are planning to visit in August, 2008. He fishes lobster, tuna, scallops, groundfish, etc.. He is an in-shore fisherman with his own boat and gear.
I know you must receive plenty of requests. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work on the paper.
Donna MacEachern, Quebec, Canada
10 August 2007

I have been trying to trace info on my husbands family who were originally from Arisaig. GGF Duncan and GGM Annie. They had 2 sons and 3 daughters, one son Peter married Ivy Davies in Leigh on Sea, they had a son Clarence born 1929 in Polygon Southampton and died in tragic accident in 1967. This was my husband Eddie's father and his mother was Rose Tweedell who died in 1996. If anyone has any info at all on the above family I would be so grateful for any help...I seem to be unable to find anything at all, yet my own family tree I can get back to 1770!! So frustrating. Many thanks even for reading this
Christine MacDonald, Horsham, West Sussex
1 August 2007

I am here for a week in Arisaig, at the hotel, engaged in research about the Catholics in the Highlands in the late 17th and 18th centuries--the penal times. My research actually started with the effects of the Penal Laws in Ireland, which were put into place after the Treaty of Limerick was broken. We've just come from Speyside, where we visited Scalan. The internet lead me to your wondeful community paper, a wonderful blend of past and present times and a vision of a possible future. Congratulations! I know how difficult it is to keep a website like yours going strong. I look forward to the next issue.
Sheila Crowell, Montclair, New Jersey
31 July 2007

Read West Word online every month. I enjoy learning about what has happened in the various areas. My family and me will be staying in Arisaig this month and are looking forward to the highland games. Lets hope the sun will be shining.
Lynn Reid, Glasgow
13 July 2007

I have just finished reading lucy irvine's book 'faraway' and seemed to sense some distant connection with that name. this prompted me to look up sam and matt humphrey who i remember lived at knoydart. i see from the website that you now have a son, felix - congratulations sam and matt. russ and i are still in beechworth, australia, with our 3 girls - a far cry from ICU at brighton.
Vanessa Crosby, Beechworth, Australia
13 July 2007

Researching the family of Malcolm Nicholson and Christina Wood. Malcolm, born 1834, son of Murdoch Nicholson and Euphemia MacCrimmon, was a shepherd or gamekeeper on Rhum: in the 1871 census at Kinloch and in 1881 at Kilmory. Christina Wood born about 1846 was the daughter of James Wood and Jessie Munro. Interested in any further information on these families (have already seen the MacCrimmon family history site) and in contacting other descendants. Thank you very much!
Carolyn, Canada
1 July 2007

I am trying to do a little research on Canna. My father's family came from there. They moved to Greenock around about the Great Depression. My grandfathers name was John James Steele (as was my fathers) and he had brothers named Sanny, Lachie and Neally (Alexander, Lachlan and Neil I presume). My last living relative on Canna was named Morag who died in the 1990's. I think that she lived there all her life there and died in her 90's. Perhaps someone will remember her. My husband and I hope to include Canna in an upcoming holiday. My grandfather used to take my father with him to the island during the school holidays until the start of WW2. Kind regards
Fiona Clark, Wollongong, Australia
27 June 2007

I'm interested in your reference to a Neil MacQuarrie. My great-grandfather was a Neil MacQuarrie. His father was Charles MacQuarrie, but we don't know where he came from. We think he married a Sarah MacLean whose family was from Rum. The men of the MacLean family fought in the war of 1812 in Canada. She and Charles emigrated to Nova Scotia around the mid 1820s. I wonder if there is a connection.
Margaret MacQuarrie, Victoria, B.C. Canada
26 June 2007

I just learned about this publication on a visit to Morar hunting for ancestors. I wish I had met Allan and Elizabeth MacDonald, your genealogy experts, but I have sent an e-mail to them. I did meet Ronnie MacLellan and his wife Mary. Great publication!!
Gary MacLellan, Canada
22 June 2007

I visit Arisaig and the Small Isles every year, I so look forward to a trip on the Sheerwater, experiencing all the wild life, views and good walking particularly An Sgurr which has the best views in the world from the top on bright clear day. There was a saga to entertain us this year in the Arisaig Hotel it was 'The mystery of the illusive chef' who never arrived, I wonder if he ever did?
Simon Hook, West Malling, Kent
15 June 2007

Long live Glenfinnan! Home of the great and glorious fictional characters Connor and Duncan Macleod. A place I wish very much one day to be able to visit.
Sharon Marie Shepherd, St. Louis, Missouri
7 June 2007

Hi folks,
Some of you may remember me. In June 2003 I visited your West Word editorial team with 5 other members of a soon to be published local paper, 'The North Glasgow People'. We met in the Morar Hotel. I have been writing for many years and especially enjoy producing community newspapers.
We stayed some days based in Arisaig B&B's. I stayed and with Alex and Mary-Ann Gillies' B&B in Roshen View - and have recommended them to friends since. I also learnt much from Ann Martin in Arisaig, who I see has contributed to the latest issue of West Word.
Your lovely communities had a big impact on me. We all had a great dance night in the Arisaig Hall, visit to Eigg, etc. Anyway, shortly after that visit I had to take over full time care of my 4 young children as my ex couldn't cope - and so I am living down here in London.
I am writing a fictional novel for teenagers, and the main setting is Morar, the beach and Loch, Arisaig and Mallaig. I really need to make everything as factually correct as is possible. As such I intend to visit for a holiday with my children and some friends in late August. For me it would be a fact-finding mission though.
I really want to advertise the area for tourism, which is an easy job. I would also like to talk to any experts on animal life in the area and those with knowledge of Loch Morar and the hills on it's far side, or any experienced local ramblers. I have also been catching up on recent West Word material online, which is invaluable - thanks all - looking forward to meeting up with some of you in August.
Please phone 0208 426 4347 (I will phone back) or contact WestWord editor Ann Martin and she will give you my private e-mail address.
Steve Masterson, Harrow, London
6 June 2007

Excellent reading. Grew up in Mallaig & nice to see the local news.
John Bruce, Romford
2 June 2007

I love this site. I traced my family roots some years ago to the area of Mallaig and since then everything I can find from this area fascinates me and fills me with wonder and awe
Deborah Roberts, Pinnacle, NC USA
1 June 2007

I haven't seen the actual Newsletter, but congratulations on a great website. I've spent many happy holidays on the West Coast and on the Islands - Skye and North Uist are particular favourites!
Tony Dyson, Kinross
30 May 2007

I was once a boy who was taken to scotlands west coast highland on the banks of the loch shiel. achnanellan next to acharacle as i remember can it be possible to email me any info pictures on the place now.
Ramon Carlos Wilson, Hull
27 May 2007

Excellent presentation, full of interesting articles,news and contacts.I look forward to reading future issues.
Alan Brockie, Renfrew
25 May 2007

We're staying in Morar in early June at Jim and Audrey MacEachen's Sandholm Cottages. We really enjoying reading the West Word and getting ourselves into the local news and history. Keep up the good work!
David Macdonald, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
23 May 2007

Folk singer/songwriter Angie Wright has teamed up with superb guitarist Nick Allmark and they are looking for small intimate venues at which to perform. Some of you may remember Angie she has sung at late-night session in the tearoom on Eigg, and at the Tearoom on Muck and has gigged on Rum. Angie has also guested at many folk clubs and major festivals throughout the UK as a solo performer or as half of Taggart and Wright. Nick Allmark has made several short tours in New England as well as appearing at many venues throughout the UK. Nick is the organiser of the successfull Singer Songwriter Festival held each year at the Taybank Hotel in Dunkeld. Both Angie and Nick have CDs available. They are available for August 3rd - 9th 2007 otherwise please consider dates in 2008. They are happy to appear for a share of the takings rather than a fixed fee. If you are interested in booking them please contact me to dicuss details.
Yours in Folk, Rob Wright - Click here for contact details

Looking forward to visiting Eigg in July
Mario Kiakowski, Stirling
20 May 2007

My ancient relatives came from Arisaig (Jon Ban Gillis & Angus Gillis MacDonald) around 1775 ? I would love to read the local newspaper and see what my relatives are doing...
Colin Gillis, North Easton, MA, USA
14 May 2007

I look forward each month to your publication appearing on the web.I follow with particular interest the news from Eigg as my Mac Donald ancestors came from Sandavore. I had the priviledge on visiting the village on two occassions during the past two decades. Hoping to do another trip.
Donald Barbour, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada
11 May 2007

Cool site I'm originally from fort william I am now a published poet please feel free to visit my website at www.freewebs.com/hippychic2001/ my poetry is modern and describes social and emotional issues.
Heather MacLeod Nee Hardie, Inverness
April 2007

saw the otter approx 6pm easter weekend, it came from the beach, ran across the road and went up behind the two tenements around the kyber, it raced up through the undergrowth for about 40 feet and then disappeared out of site
kenny macpherson
15 April 2007

Researching the history of the two Tillicoultry lads who were awarded VC at Loos. Your 2003 article very interesting on Charles Lyons. The original letter home from Pollock VC states very clearly that "another fellow volunteered to accompany me" while the official citation claims that he was alone. Confusion or, better propaganda? I don't know. Pollock clearly states that originally, he was not alone. Very interesting article
Gerry Docherty, Tillicoultry
5 March 2007

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